Accessing Stored Procedure Parameters (Sequel Server 2002) from VB6

I have problems reading my OUTPUT parameters from Stored Procedures as well as passing an input value into it from VB6.
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TimCotteeHead of Software ServicesCommented:
Hi ManiKing,

Can you show the code you are currently trying to use and then we can suggest how to resolve the problem.

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Make sure you are passing the parameters in right order and have used exact parameter names in your code.

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If you are using an ADODB.Command object try the following

'Setup the command object as normal without the parameters.

oCmd.ActiveConnection = conn
oCmd.CommandTimeout = 45
oCmd.CommandType = adStoredProcedure
oCmd.CommandText = "Stored Procedure name here"

'Then instead of manually adding the parameters do this

oCmd.Refresh  ' or oCmd.Parameters.Refresh (cant quite remember which one)

'This should collect the params from the database


Dim StrOutput as string

strOutput = cmd.Parameters("@OutputParameterNameHere").Value

Try that and see if it works

Let us know if it doesnt!!

hello maniking
this is a simple code for paramete for stored proc

  Dim cmd As New Command
  Dim strFirstArg As New Parameter
  Dim intSecondArg As New Parameter
  cmd.CommandText = "yourProcedure"
  cmd.CommandType = adCmdStoredProc
  Set strFirstArg = cmd.CreateParameter("PrimaryKey", adVarChar, adParamInput, 10)
  Set intSecondArg = cmd.CreateParameter("PrimaryKey", adInteger, adParamInput, 4)
  cmd.Parameters.Append strFirstArg
  cmd.Parameters.Append intSecondArg
  strFirstArg.Value = 1 your arguments
  intSecondArg.Value = 2 your arguments
  cmd.ActiveConnection = dbConn
'set your recorset  rsTemp

  Set rsTemp = cmd.Execute
ManiKingAuthor Commented:
Thanx guys.
I eventually resolved it.
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