DataTable Insert Query

Can this be done...

This works fine in SQL Analyser:

INSERT INTO table1 (intMyNumber, strJobName, dtJobDate)

        SELECT '22', strJobName, dtJobDate
'22 is a variable not a column name
       FROM table2

The sql above also works in code, but... How could i(if possible),  select a Datatable instread of table2 (example below).  A datatable is not an object in SQL Server so it may not be possible.  

e.g. This doesnt seem to be working

INSERT INTO table1 (intMyNumber, strJobName, dtJobDate)

        SELECT '22', myDataTable.Column(1),  myDataTable.Column(2)

       FROM myDataTable

Is there a way?
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Cant you use a SqlCommand?

something like this

sqlBuf = "INSERT INTO table1 (intMyNumber, strJobName, dtJobDate) SELECT '22', strJobName,  dtJobDate  FROM myDataTable"

SqlCommand dbCommand;
dbCommand = new SqlCommand(sqlBuf, dbConnection);      

sublimationAuthor Commented:
Hi, Johan

That wont work as the database (SQL Server) doesn't have an object in it named myDataTable.  myDataTable is an object created in memory.
hmm ok

can you do the following or is it multipple rows in the in memory table?

sqlBuf = "INSERT INTO table1 (intMyNumber, strJobName, dtJobDate) SELECT '22','" + myDataTable.Column(1) +"','"  myDataTable.Column(2) + "'"

You can not run sql statement against datatable. YOur option is the the method or the dataview.rowfilter method. both have some way to limit the rows returned but very limited compare with sql statement. Look at these two method in MSDN to find some examples.

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