• C

array initilization.

#include <stdio.h>

int main(void) {

int i=0;
int numbers[20];

while(scanf("%d",&numbers[i])!=EOF) i++;

return 0;


// what's wrong in this code...
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What error are u facing...........????

Syntax wise, your code has no errors. But it has few logical errors; the while loop in your code should have an extra condition to check for array boundry so that the index 'i' does not go beyond the aray limits, this could be done this way:

      while(i < 20 && scanf("%d", &numbers[i]) != EOF) i++;

I added a check on the value of 'i' so that 'i' will not go beyond the array maximum index which is '19' in your case.
Also, the check on the index is placed before the scanf() function so that it is executed first.

Khalid Omar

scanf  function returns the number of input items assigned
when you try to give EOF, it is assigned to numbers[i] and 1 is returned !! which is not equal to EOF

perhaps you want this

do {
} while (numbers[i-1] != EOF);
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Kent OlsenDBACommented:

Hi Sunnycoder,

I don't think that that is the answer, either.  scanf() returns EOF, it doesn't store EOF as a data value.

The original code should work if the input source is a data file and NOT the keyboard.  This should work fine:

program.exe < DataFile

gets() returns EOF if a lone carriage return is entered from the keyboard.  (Don't use gets()!)  scanf() does not return EOF when input is from the keyboard so other trappings need to occur.

Revised verion of the original code that should not give errors is :

int main(void)
int i=0;
int numbers[20];
while(scanf("%d",&numbers[i]) && i < 20 && numbers[i]!=EOF ) i++;
return 0;

you are right Kent... I shud have read the man page completely

using fgets() might help
Kent OlsenDBACommented:

Hi Sunnycoder,

fgets() doesn't return EOF from the keyboard, either.  You'd still have to test for a line-length of zero, which would also mean that blank lines are no longer allowed.

Hi Ajar,

The test "numbers[i]!=EOF" is the same thing that Sunnycoder tripped over.  scanf() won't store EOF at numbers[i] when EOF is encountered.  Since EOF is generally defined to be -1, your loop will exit if scanf() stores a -1.

There needs to be two test cases.  One for keyboard input and one for file input.


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