I need to monitor my servers bandwidth "per protocol" (http, smtp, mysql, pop, smtp etc) to help understant and help me to solve bandwidth problems.

Any ideas?

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mcrowleyConnect With a Mentor Commented:

We sell and use NetReality devices - great reporting tools, plus they allow you to prioritize.  NetEnforcer, from what I've seen, is just as good at prioritizing, but not as good at reporting.  They used to be separate companies, they merged a year or so ago.

If you'd like to arrange a demo, we're a reseller, pop me a note and we'll arrange it.
check out the IP tools in this

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ipsystemsAuthor Commented:

I forget a detail.

I need to monitor 9 servers running WINDOWS 2000 SERVER and 6 servers running WINDOWS 2003 STANDARD.

This servers are Critical Mission servers!

Is your goal to monitor the amount of Internet or WAN bandwidth those servers are using?    In other words, are you trying to track down a LAN or a WAN bottleneck?  If it's on the LAN, try the tools Sunray suggested.  On the WAN or Internet connection, Allot's NetReality Wisewan and NetEnforcer to a great job of reporting on bandwidth utilization and even can prioritize based on policies.
ipsystemsAuthor Commented:
I need to monitor the Internet bandiwidth separeted by protocol!

We have been experienced a high bandwidth utilization in some hours of day, but, we can't detec which service / protocal is genarating the major problem..... an smtp? pop3? a SQL external access replicating data? Web HTTP?  ...i don't know and we need urgently detect the problem and try solve it.

Hey sunray_2003, I'm testing some softs of your recommendations Okay.

Hi mcrowley, can you send me the URLs from this products? I try but does not work... tks.

ipsystemsAuthor Commented:
Hey sunray_2003, I already find the URLs....for now..thanks
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