Connecting two computers with One Lan internet connection...

Dear experts...

I am in need of your help please...

I am having two computers in my home with same OS and configuration AMD 1700,256+128 RAM and others...

I am using a University LAN internet connection...Is it possible to use Internet connection simultaneously...

Can i do the above using printer port...? I am a newbie...please help me...

thx in adavance...
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Get a 2 port router

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yuvathegreatAuthor Commented:
Dear Sunray...

First of all thanks for your replies...and Links...

I am Sorry that still i couldn´t understand you...

my question is...already I am using University LAN internet connection...I want to share it to two computers...Can i use printer port or else USB port...

Please msg me if you got doubt...

I think what they mean is that if you get a small hub like a linsys or something, you can connect the LAN connection to the hub, then the two computers also connect to the hub to share the one connection from the university.  

It will work as long as there isn't any authentication by MAC address of the network card or anything like that.  You can try plugging each computer in separately to the university connection to see if it works.  If both of them can connect without any problems then a small hub will work.

Good Luck!
Assuming your University doesn't care if you have more then one computer get a switch, attach the uplink port to the wall connection, then the computers to the switch.

If your University does care about multiple computers connecting from one connection buy a Cable/DSL router, connect the WAN port to the wall connection, then the computers to the other ports on the router.  Be sure the current working computer is connected to port 1 in case you need to clone it's MAC address (if you need to do this just post again, I'd be willing to go in to more detail).

For most university students I know the first solution (buying a network switch) solves this issue.
Router would be better as the University would think you are only getting one IP Address. Buy a four-port router. There is a way to create a lan via USB but I have never done it before. I think you have to have USB 2.0 in order for that to work.
here is a cheap router.

you could also set a second nic in one of your pc's and set it up as a router.
I can understand your question.
that was why i said you can buy a router ( 2 port) cos you have 2 computers which can be both connected at the same time to internet


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