Can't see some pictures in IE 6

We have IE 6, and on some web pages that we go to, we can't see the pictures (example, ebay). I don't know if the pictures are jpg are gif, but instead of the pictures we see a big square, and on the upper left corner a small square with an X inside.
Right clicking on the picture opens up a menu that gives me the option to "Show Picture". I choose that but nothing happens besides a quick change in the X, that becoems an X again.
In IE settings, the show pictures is checked.
We have a SonicWall 230. In don't see anywhere where we could be blocking these pictures.
Any ideas?
Dan Rotkopf
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Only on some websites or all websites?  Right click on the picture you can not see and click properties, then copy the complete URL Address of the image here so we can test independently.  Send a few examples if possible.

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Are the pictures often adverts or banners?  
View the source of the html and see if the missing pictures have a size of 468x60 pixels, or other dimensions that are characteristic of banners or ads.

Your firewall may be blocking them as it thinks they are adverts.  Your firewall docs should tell you how to stop this.
I know that Outpost firewall can block images.
Greetings, drotkopf!

1. Make sure your settings are correct in Internet Explorer.  With IE open, go to Tools > Options > Advanced. Scroll down to Multimedia and make sure the following are checked "Enable automatic image resizing" and "Enable Image toolbar", and the following uncheck "Don't display media content on media bar". Click OK. Close all browsers. Reboot the computer.

2. Clear all cache. Delete temporary internet files and cookies.

3. There may be programs running in the background interfering with the operation of Internet Explorer. If you have Norton programs running in the background, temporarily turn them off, including anti-virus, win doctor, recycle bin protect, and clean sweep. Does this fix the problem?

Turn off any firewall or ad-blocker.

4. Perform a repair of Internet Explorer.;EN-US;318378

Best wishes, war1
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Try this:

Click on TOOLS>INTERNET OPTIONS>ADVANCED> Scroll towards the bottom. Make sure "Show Pictures" is checked.
:: Click on TOOLS>INTERNET OPTIONS>ADVANCED> Scroll towards the bottom. Make sure "Show Pictures" is checked.

Surely if this was not checked ALL sites would have no pictures?  This can't then be the explanation, as only some sites are afflicted.
Try to enable some ActiveX by going to TOOLS>INTERNET OPTIONS>Security and either reset to low on the bottom of the window or start clicking enable on the options.
drotkopfAuthor Commented:
Thanks Kokoglen, here is an example
In the process of copying this I entered the URL in IE and guess what... our firewall blocks the domain. I just added it to allowed domains.
That was it.
BTW, I don't know why that domain was being blocked.
Dan Rotkopf
drotkopfAuthor Commented:
Also, thanks to all other experts that participated.
    Kokoglen did not say anything about a firewall.  I said to check your firewall and adblociker.
An answer by any other name would smell as sweet.  or something ;)
drotkopfAuthor Commented:
Hi war1,
1. I'd check the firewall before submitting the question here. was an allowed domain.
2. Nobody gave a definite answer.
3. kokoglen was the one that helped the most, since by clicking on Properties and getting the URL of the pictures that wasn't being shown, I could discover that the pictures were being pulled from a different domain that was indeed blocked.
4. Of the few options that you suggested, disabling the firewall was not a possibility.
Thanks again for your involvment.

I also said it was your firewall, first actually.
How was Kokoglen's answer, which did not mention firewalls, more appropriate than War's or mine?
Jeez, why are you guys freaking out?  I said to look at the URL, he saw it was coming from a different domain, he found the answer.  Whats the big deal?  Let it go.  The person who asks the question is the one who knows who helped him.  Man, War has 732,000 points, get a grip on yourself.  
"My cat's breath smells like cat food"... points please.

Oh wait, that's not the answer.

Anyway, glad you can now surf properly Dan; job done.

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