software to make photo into slide show

is there any software that we can put a few photos into a slide juz like powerpoint? and this software can convert the file to vcd? coz i only saw software that put only 1 photo on 1 slide in a slide show....
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Sure, what platform? Something like iMovie would do it.
AngoraAuthor Commented:
i am using window xp
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AngoraAuthor Commented:
currently all the software i saw can only put 1 photo on 1 page. is there any software which we can put a few photo juz like in powerpoint and do transition on these photo on a single page
You could try these.

However, if it's just for your own computer, then I would suggest using xnview.
There are dozens. Most of these allow multiple outputs, including Flash, avi, mpg, many choices of transition effects too.

Photon TV
iZotope Flash Album

The one I use, though, is ACDSee 5.0 PowerPack.  It's an image organizer, database, editor, print manager, etc., etc.  

Burns photos to CD and DVD for archiving or sharing. Choose to add the ACDSee image database information to your disc.

Create screensavers and slideshows to share.
Sorry, I must have missed your 3rd comment. What do you mean by "do transition on these photo on a single page"?

Are you trying to use the cd on a vcd player for tv viewing?

AngoraAuthor Commented:
it is like, i wanted to put 3 photos on 1 page. and each will appear with different transition... hmmm all the software i saw can only put 1 photo on 1 page(1 screen)....
AngoraAuthor Commented:
yup.. i am trying to use the cd on vcd viewing on tv
Do you have PowerPoint? If you do, you could try this:

Also, you could use Marcomedia Flash. Then output the movie as a mov (possibly even an avi with the new version, doesn't say so specifly on their site, but they imply it.). You could then convert the mov into an avi with TMPGen ( ). But flash is expensive. If this is not in your budget, there is another method, but it involves a lot of work (I mean a lot) and several programs. An image editor, a bmp to avi convertor and a couple others if you don't have vcd authoring software.

Let me know how much money you are willing to spend.  Also, let me know if you want to try the time extensive method.  

AngoraAuthor Commented:
i had use powerpoint to design the slide, then using snap it to capture it into avi file, then using Adobe Video Studio to make it into VCD, but the quality turn out to be very bad. can't even see the words written on the slide. can tell me more abt the method u suggested?
Did you have the office cd? Can you use Microsoft Camcorder? It was designed to work with powerpoint.
AngoraAuthor Commented:
yup, i had the office cd. but the avi file i capture is of good quality. it is the process of convert it to vcd which make the quality bad
What do you mean you can't see the words on the slide? Are they to small?

VCD's resolution is only 352 x240 (NTSC) in North America/Japan and 352 x 288 (PAL) in the rest of the world.

You have to remember that when working in powerpoint. If you make something in powerpoint and your monitor's resolution is set at 1024 x 768, and the images you import are of a high resolution, then you can not duplicate that quality in a VCD. Also, the text will be effected by this resizing. The quality at 1024 x 768 will not be possible.

While making the powerpoint, if you want to have a basic idea of how the VCD will appear, then set your screen resolution to it's lowest resolution (640 x 480). You could also convert the avi into MPEG-1 (which is vcd) and preview it with Windows Media Player. This will covert avi into mpeg-1:    basic version is freeware.

No software will overcome this.

Burning a SVCD will help a little (480 x 480), but not many DVD players support SCVD, however, you can try and trick the DVD player to think a SVCD is a VCD: . TMPGEnc can also turn avi into a MPEG-2 as a trial for 30 days.

And a DVD will help a lot (720 x 480)
AngoraAuthor Commented:
the pixel of the words is out, and the photo is not clear. anyway i am using 600 x 800 when i capture the powerpoint? i tot capturing bigger resolution and convert to smaller resloution wont affect the output?
Try converting the AVI to MPEG-1 with tmpgnec, then try making the VCD.  

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AngoraAuthor Commented:
ok, conveting to mpeg first make the quality better... thanks for the help
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