Version of MDAC needed


I'm trying to make my app run on as many platforms as possible, so I'm only using the most basic functions within ADO. I set the project references to ADO 2.1.

When I use Installshield Express 4.0 to build the release, it includes support for MDAC 2.7, and the setup.exe is over 12Mb.

Can anyone guide me on choosing/setting the MDAC version, and getting the smallest build size?
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You can download all MDAC versions from this site:

However, I would suggest you to use MDAC 2.7 Refresh as it contains service packs to all previous versions.
The mdac itself is already taken at least 7M.

crescendoAuthor Commented:
But why does Installshield Express think it needs to install ADO 2.7 when my project only references "Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.1 Library"?

I had hoped/expected that by using the type library rather than the the DLL-referenced versions of ADO that I would circumvent having to include mdac_typ.exe. I need to distribute the program by email and/or FTP, so want to keep the size down.
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crescendoAuthor Commented:
I just used the Package and Deployment Wizard to build the project and it's now under 2Mb.

Clearly I don't understand what Installshield is doing. Suggestions?
I have never used Installshield but PDW stroes MDAC in the following directory:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\ODETools\V9\PDWizard\Redist

Search your system for MDAC or scan the folder where Install Shield is installed and change the version of MDAC that is being used by it.
I've installshield professional and all mdac will be in

D:\Program Files\InstallShield\InstallShield Professional 6.2\Objects
crescendoAuthor Commented:
Installshield scans the VB project to determine what to include in the build. It says MDAC 2.7. Are you saying that it ignores the project references, and simply looks to see what is on the hard disk? That's worrying, as some of my customers will not take kindly to me changing their system software arbitarily.
What you include in a package is your choice. Latest InstallShiled must be coming with MDAC 2.7 which i would recommed anytime. But if you want to use MDAC 2.1 in there is no harm in replacing MDAC 2.7 with 2.1 in the folder mentioned by  EDDYKT. On the client side if there is MDAC 2.7 installed then it wont be replaced by 2.1.

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crescendoAuthor Commented:
So to make an install compatible with a client, you have to change files around whenever you do a build? I didn't know that, and it seems a lot of work if you are doing lots of builds, and very error-prone. For some applications I use lowest common denominator 2.1, for others I use features that only available in 2.5 upwards, so it will be a right pain to make sure each application goes out right. I assumed that if I set the reference in the project, Installshield would take care of the rest.
Cant say about Install Shield but PDW doesn't take care of it.
crescendoAuthor Commented:

PDW seems to include the type library rather than the full MDAC.
It includes the full version.
During Last week, I was also working on Database Project in Visual Basic 6 with MDAC 2.1, First I used Default Package and Deployment Wizard of Visual Studio, but failed to install that package on other PCs having same operating system and configurations. Then I usee "Wise for Winodws Installer". When I included my Visual Basic Project, "Wise" Show that it need "Merge Modules" for your Project. Wise dowloaded automatically that "Merge Modules", Then I created a Package. In that package I added two Access Databases having sizes 800k and 700k respectively. "Wise" Created Package of total size 6.5 MB and successfully installed on Windows Operating System e.g 98, 2000 and XP with 0 Error. If Possible you must try Wise Installer. I don't know much about Installed Shield.
crescendoAuthor Commented:
MDAC seems to be a minefield.  There are several versions, and the MS site is vague about the effects of installing a higher release. I know my corporate users aren't too keen because they have a 'standard' configuration, and resist any changes, even service packs, unless it is vital for functionality or security.
crescendoAuthor Commented:
Hi all

Everyone seems to be missing the point of my question, so I'll try and explain better to give you a chance to answer.

I really don't want to have to upgrade clients to a different version of ADO, as that may cause other problems. Often the IT department won't allow these sort of changes. Therefore, I want to write my program to use the lowest version of ADO that has the features needed. This seems to be 2.1.

I've set  ADO 2.1 as a reference in the VB project. What do I have to do to create an install package (preferably with Installshield Express) that doesn't try and install ADO 2.7?

Download 2.1 version from Microsoft. EDDYKT has mentioned the following path:
D:\Program Files\InstallShield\InstallShield Professional 6.2\Objects

go to this folder and replace MDAC in this folder with 2.1 you have downloaded. If you are creating package with PDW then 2.1 is by default there. Infact instead of downloading 2.1 from micrsoft go to the following folder and copy it from there:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\ODETools\V9\PDWizard\Redist

This way you will make sure that Install Shield has 2.1 version of MDAC
crescendoAuthor Commented:
Hi folks

I've closed the question, but it hasn't really been solved, though I understand the issues a little better now. I've split the points to give an idea of which suggestions were the most useful, and given it a 'B' because I didn't really get a full answer. Hope no one is offended by that, but if all answers get an 'A' there's no point in grading, and people searching the archives don't know where to start.

Thanks for the help.
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