MDAC prompts to allow data connections

I have Frontpage 2003 and MDAC 2.8. When I add a OLAP Web Componet I'm continually prompted to allow the connection in both Frontpage and IE6. IE used to ask you if you wanted to allow then say add this site to youre list of secure site. Heres a MS KBN article. 

heres my messege."This Website uses a data provider that may be unsafe. If you trust the Website, click OK, otherwise click Cancel"

Has anyone found a way to remove this prompt?
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So what happens when you click OK?
troyavitiaAuthor Commented:
It will allow you continue..but I want to eliminate the prompt. I was able to add the domain to the list of trusted sites (in IE6 settings) but when I access the site in FP I still get prompted
Okay, sorry, I thought you meant that it continues to prompt even after clicking OK. I'm not aware of any way to remove the prompt from FP - other than rolling back to 2.7 :-(
My dear troyavitia,

I have had experienced the same problem.
Only I work wirh Access 2003. The problem occured when I upgraded from Office XP 2002 up to 2003. The reason behind this was, that when I wanted to open a data access page in Design View, it allmost took a full minute.
Strangely enough this did not happen with another page. So I compared the HTML of both pages, and I found out that there was a difference. The one who took a full minute to open, had as sourcepath to the database a string like: "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents" etc etc.

The one that did open in Design View very quickly had encoded: "\\Ernst\Documents"

So 1 page with a local path (takes bloody long to open), the otrher with a pathname according to UNC rules (quick).

Trying to find out what was happening why, I upgraded to 2003, but this did not do the trick. After I found out what was the reason (Hard Path vs UNC) I got stuck with EXACTLY the same warnings you got.

And I found the reason for this as well. The path to the solutions lays in the path itself (I sound like a Chinese philosopher....). When you give the page as source path a UNC pathname, like "\\Ernst\Documents" it will give you this error. In the connection strikng to the underlaying databse however, you need to specify this location with a UNC-pathname.

Conclusion: HTML-file needs as source path a localname pathname: "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents", the connection string to the underlaying database needs an UNC-name, like "\\Ernst\Documents".

Hopes this helps, at least I got rid of all these stupid warnings.

Ernest McDuff

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I found a slightly easier option. Just add the site to the trusted zone list in internet explorer. You can do this locally or through a GPO for everyone.

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