Delphi .DLL makes showmessage popup - how to kill it instantly

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My program uses some .dll and that .dll causes message box, which have to be closed pressing OK button.

Calling .ddl is in formcreate part of program.

How could I kill that "showmessage" popup so that it disappears instantly or doesn't come at all ?

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is it a nag-messagebox (shareware-dll)?
Give me the dll and some extra points and all will be ok ;-)
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Well, if it's a modal dialog then your application might not get a chance to detect that messagebox by using FindWindow or some other technique. Normally it should not be too difficcult to find a window and send a button-press message to it. However, wouldn't it be easier to just modify that DLL to remove the offending messagebox?
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I disassembled .dll and can see that stupid text there.

But I don't know how to make .dll again from it.

Any good programs for that ?

Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developer

I now wonder if you're trying to hack a shareware DLL or whatever. Keep in mind that if you don't have the source of this DLL, the owner of the DLL might not like it that you start altering it.
My proposal still in force.
Just post a message:


Chuck this on a timer and as soon as a showmessage caption ('Message'  i think) appears it will automatically close it.

You can also use closewindow in a similar fashion




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