Tracking COM reference counts

Hi Experts,

Does anyone know of a tool that tracks COM reference counts? I have a 3rd party DirectShow object that does not clean up properly as well as an (unrelated) ActiveX control that wont shutdown properly, I could do with something that can be constrained to sets of class instances.

Any ideas?


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The return values from AddRef and Release normally provide an indication on the internal reference counts. Not always accurate though. But if Release was to return 0, it's a good sign that things are Ok.
that is no real tracker though.
you can check the refcount at some points but not monitor it...
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DavidEllimanAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone

I know about the AddRef and Release, if it was my code I would reimplement IUnknown but it's third party so I just wanted a simple utility to check.

I've installed boundschecker (which I haven't used for some years) and will try that.
>> that is no real tracker though.
>> you can check the refcount at some points but not monitor it...
I totally agree. Just unwilling to spend money.
there is a trial of boundschecker available...

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DavidEllimanAuthor Commented:
I know, thanks, I'm using it now :-)
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