Print server issue

Hi guys,
I have a question about network printers in a Windows 2000 domain. It is not a problem but only  a general knowledge.

I have three network printers setup in my network . all has its own ethernet card and IP adress. those printers are shared by my Domain controller. and users add the printer to their PC's as network printer.

I am wondering if this set up can affect the performance of my server. I mean my DC is already bussy, and each time users send a print job they may be using resources of the DC server.


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Any releif you can give a DC would be benificial to your domain. If the printers have their own network cards you should setup direct printing. Save the shared printing for nicless printers. Are they HP printers with Jet Direct cards? HP has a great Add Network Printer Wizard that can be used.
cakirfatihAuthor Commented:
printers have their own network cards.
could you tell me how can i setup direct printing .  

one of the printer is HP printer, and it has JetDirect card
the other one is a Xerox Document Centre

Direct network printing is done easily using the wizard from HP

Try this for Xerox:

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cakirfatihAuthor Commented:
i assume that  when i install the printer as direct network printer,
it is no longer going to use my DC server resources.
is that true??

and to install the printers as direct network printer, should i run this wizard on every computer?

cakirfatihAuthor Commented:
i did use the Hp network printer installer.
it worked for one computer, and it did not work another one.

and the Xerox program is just a printer managment program, to get report out of it
i was not able to find how to setup the Xerox printer as direct printer

I'm not familiar with the Xerox nor do I have one but I'll keep looking for something that should work for you.

Yes, when you configure PC's to print directly to networked (not shared) printers they dont use the server at all.

The HO wizard didn't work on the 2nd PC? Did the 1st PC have IPX installed? the HP wizards' network printer port can use IPX, Appletalk, or TCP/IP (DLC too but who uses that) to communicate with the Jet Direct card. If you were pointing the 2nd PC to the same printer as the 1st PC, see what is different about their network settings. Can the 2nd printer ping the jet direct card? Jet Direct cards can be configured vie DHCP so make sure it's enabled. I wouldn't use IPX on any network larger then a few PC's. If you need assistance accessing the Jet Direct settings HP has a tool.

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