runtime error 1004 in excel vba

Would anyone have even the slightest idea what might be going wrong with the following code?
Sometimes it works fine, but most of the time I get a 'runtime 1004: application-defined or object-defined error'

-When stepping through application, runtime 1004 error is raised on the 'End Function' of the parseFormula function

Offending Code

Chunk of offending code from main function
Sheet1.cells(x, y).Value = Sheet1.cells(x, y).Value & parseFormula(ri(i).getPreFormula, x)  ' first var is string, second is integer

Same as above but I've substituted function calls with the data that's actually being passed
Sheet1.cells(x, y).Value = Sheet1.cells(x, y).Value & parseFormula("1+", 2) ' first var is string, second is integer

Parse Function Formula

' Convert $D to D & row Number
' IE: $D+E$ would return D4+E4 for fourth row, D5+E5 for fifth row, etc...

Public Function parseFormula(ByVal formula As String, ByVal row As Integer) As String
    Dim a As Integer
    Dim char As String
    Dim formattedFormula As String
    For a = 1 To Len(formula)
        char = Mid(formula, a, 1)
        If char = "$" Then
            If Asc(LCase(Mid(formula, a + 1, 1))) >= 97 And Asc(LCase(Mid(formula, a + 1, 1))) <= 122 Then
                formattedFormula = formattedFormula & Mid(formula, a + 1, 1) & row
                a = a + 1
            End If
            formattedFormula = formattedFormula & Mid(formula, a, 1)
        End If
    Next a

    MsgBox "." & formattedFormula & "."
    parseFormula = CStr(formattedFormula)
End Function

in debug, parseFormula does indeed return +1, press F8 again and move to End Function line, press F8 again, runtime 1004

The complete application is avaialble if you would like to test it for yourself.
Thanks in advance

Update: I've been working this problem off and on for a few days now and have finally managed to narrow it down a bit.
Seems it doesn't like the
sheet1.cells(x,y).value = sheet1.cells(x,y).value
since msgbox "." & parseFormula(ri(i).getPreFormula, x) & "." works beautifully for all lines and all situations...
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Tommy KinardCommented:
Is your sheet1 dim as excel.worksheets("Sheet1") ?

Normally you get the error because there is not defined value in Sheet1.cells(x, y).Value. Check value of x & y and make sure they existed. Forexample, Sheet1.cells(0, 0).Value is not existed and will raised the error. Thanks & Cheers.
Seeming you only get the error at the end of your function, maybe nothing is returned... See below

   For a = 1 To Len(formula)
        char = Mid(formula, a, 1)
        If char = "$" Then
            If Asc(LCase(Mid(formula, a + 1, 1))) >= 97 And Asc(LCase(Mid(formula, a + 1, 1))) <= 122 Then
                formattedFormula = formattedFormula & Mid(formula, a + 1, 1) & row
                a = a + 1

!! What if this if-statement is false all the way? Then formattedFormula would be null, and therefore an error would occur in the last line # parseFormula = CStr(formattedFormula) #

            End If
            formattedFormula = formattedFormula & Mid(formula, a, 1)
        End If
    Next a

just my 2ct

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theMuzzAuthor Commented:
OK, thanks for the help.

Values of x and y start at 4 and 2 then move onto 4,3 | 4,4 | 4,5 | 5,3 | 5,4 | 5,5 | 6,3 etc...

As for the null return; This has caused me problems on occaision but also seems intermittent.
I've modified my code slightly to msgbox the return from parseFormula instead of printing it to a cell and the applications runs right through without any errors. This leads me to believe the error is in the sheet1.cells(x,y) portion. However, the x and y values are perfectly legitemate values.(as shown above) Now i'm just trying to figure out why sheet1.cells(x,y).value = works in all places but this one...

Ok in that case...

Instead of using:
 - sheet1.cells(x,y).value
try using:
 - sheet1.cells(x, y).formulaR1C1.

By the way, if the cell doesn't contain a formula already, but a value, you will need to use:
 - sheet1.cells(x, y).formulaR1C1 = "=" & sheet1.cells(x, y).formuR1C1 & parseFormula(ri(i).getPreFormula, x)

That should work...


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theMuzzAuthor Commented:
still doesn't work...

Is it possible that excel simply doesn't like the formula it's being returned?
=PIExpDat("timelt('033-bleach-downtime','*','-60m',10)/60","10/13/2003 6:00:00 AM","10/13/2003 6:59:00 AM","1h", 0,"name_of_our_piServer")

This is a perfectly valid function call so long as we are using OSI's pipc add-in. I've pasted the above into a blank excel sheet and it does work. (sort of... piServer returns calcFailed but that's a different story, and an easy one to fix at that)
Thanks for the points... did I miss something? Or did either of us make a typo somewhere?


theMuzzAuthor Commented:
no, didn't miss much.

first problem was null return on parseFormula function
second problem as using sheet1.cells(x,y).value instead of .formulaR1C1
third problem, under obscure circumstances, the final formula returned didn't have quotes around the dates.

=PIExpDat("timelt('033-bleach-downtime','*','-60m',10)/60","10/13/2003 6:00:00 AM","10/13/2003 6:59:00 AM","1h", 0,"name_of_our_piServer")
actually came back as
=PIExpDat("timelt('033-bleach-downtime','*','-60m',10)/60",10/13/2003 6:00:00 AM,10/13/2003 6:59:00 AM,"1h", 0,"name_of_our_piServer")
which excel apparently doesn't like.

I consider the question solve with the formulaR1C1 answer since the date problems was not related to the original question.

Thanx a million everyone.
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