Domain Setup

Last year I completed a 1 year series of Network admin classes (W2K) (MS approved/provided materials), walked away understanding next to nothing.  $9,000 well spent!  Now I am trying to set up my first Domain on a win 2003 server.

I tried to follow the set-up through the wizards, however, I do not understand what I accomplished (or have not accomplished).  Went to MS Knowledge base and printed out step by step guide to a common infrastructure for Server deployment - Part 1: Installing a Domain Controller.  Most of the terms and explainations are meaningless to me...  

I do know that I have set-up two (2) partitions on the domain computer and shared the 2nd partition.

Oh, here is a twist, all of our workstations are Home XP, so I used X-setup to attempt to set-up a domain log-in.  Also tried Net Use command and i get a "system error 53" The Network path not found.  

Both methods produced nothing.  Furthermore, how would I even know that the workstation logged into the Domain, where would the shared drive on the domain server show up at the workstation.

I used this Net Use command on a XP workstation:

Net Use k: \\crscompanies\userfiles /user:crscompanies\Robert

After a approx. 2 minute delay I get the message: "System error 53 has occured."
The network path was not found.

I can not ping the domain computer.  I have both assigned it an IP address and set it up to use the DHCP services from the Linksys router we use on this network to get an assigned IP address.  The domain computer does receive an address and the domain computer can surf, however, no workstation can ping its address (as shown when you run IP config on the domain computer).

Why is there no place to enter in a password on the domain (active directory) for users?  Do you only require a user name to log on to a Domain?  Are the user passwords for the Domain derived from the workstations logon passwords?  If you can not enter in passwords on the domain server for users, where are user passwords?  It appears you can set up a user, but no window or field for a password...

I had no idea a domain would be so difficult to set-up!

What should I do, stick to peer to peer networks?
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Lets take this step by step. Lets start with the basic networking.

What is the ip of the server (you can omit the first 2 octects of the public address for security reasons if you wish. i.e. xx.xx.44.123)
What are the IP's of a couple of the workstations?
roberth5Author Commented:
1.125 in the auto-assign mode
When I tried assigning, i used

I can ping all other workstations from the 2003 domain computer 100%, I can ping the  and just fine (self pinging), however, no workstation can ping the address  Four complete timeouts every time when any workstation pings the 2003 server.  The NIC Icon on the 2003 server shows connected and passing packets (plugged into a 24 port 3com switch with 16 other worstations).

Also, "net view" will not work on the 2003 domain server (from the dos window).  It feels like a firewall is in the way!  This computer only has th MS 2003 server software loaded on it.
subnet mask is on everything?

Server 2003 does have a firewall feature. Check to see it's not enabled. network properties, advanced.
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roberth5Author Commented:
Yes subnet is

Yes have confirmed that firewall is NOT enabled.

None of the pc's could ping the .50 address when you put it in the server eithor?

Are you using load balancing?;en-us;816910&Product=winsvr2003

Does the server have 2 network cards?
roberth5Author Commented:
Not using load balancing. (disabled)

Yes, the server has two (2) NIC's however, the 2nd NIC is disabled

IPconfig reports system is getting DHCP services (from Linksys router- / as it reports back DNS, Gateway-, subnet-, etc.
This pinging thing is very weird. What hardware is between the clients and server?

Is RRAS installed? Perhaps it thinks the internal card is the external:
Cannot Ping External Network Adapter After Configuring RRAS as a VPN Server

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roberth5Author Commented:
All boxes plugged into 3com 3300 24 port switch.

Do not know about RRAS, went and checked, was was on, turned it off and now workstations can ping the 2003 box.

Also I just tried the net use thing, it worked....

oops, pressed submit to fast.

Now you should be able to add computers to the domain.

As for passwords, right click the user and use Reset Password

When you create new users in Active Directory users and groups, on the 2nd screen of the wizard it should prompt you for a password.

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