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I drew the short straw and am now saddled with the task of auditing every workstation in our company. This includes complete hardware and software details. Basically I should be able to tell my boss everything about a workstation from the data received.

I am using VB6 and would like to generate a text file for each workstation. I can work on the format of the document later but for now a dump to text will more than suffice.

The company runs only Windows OS varying from Win95 to WinXP Pro. I'm not sure what other detail is needed for this but I will be happy to provide more if requested.

I figure there has to be a way to automate this process. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to research this for myself so I'm asking here.

It's the end of a workday here so be patient....I will respond tomorrow.
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'a thing called belarc advisor
'v.comprehensive info about comp n software.

Also, what all info are u looking at?
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To answer what info I'm looking for:

CPU processor speed
Mapped drives
OS version
Updates installed
Installed software (and for the newer versions of windows, who installed it).
etc... Basically anything and everything about a workstation.

I've just got into work now and will look over the sites posted soon. I'm assuming these are all pre-packaged executables. Is there any chance of finding the source on how to accomplish this?

Here is a link to a program that you can use for the software, OS, and version.

I think using belarc is a gud idea. Also, getting the source is not a requirement i feel. Why wud u want to do so?


Why do I want the source? Idle curiousity.

I haven't had a chance to test these apps as of yet but should in the next day or so. I'll wrap this question up then.

Thanks much guys.


I split the points between fantasy1001 and _agj_ as I found both Emco and Belarc to be really good programs. I'd still love to hunt down the source for stuff like this as I like to learn new things. Of course, anytime someone asks for stuff like this, everyone thinks virus. Ah well. I'll find it eventually :)

I don't know anything about the moore-smith company but that sysaudit download looks like it's just being hosted on a desktop in someone's basement. I think their site is under construction but it was enough to scare me off.

Thanks again.

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