"Medical manager" for Unix exporting records to Access or SQL

I need to be able to query the database of this medical program. It runs on a Unix server. i have no idea what kind of database it is. Anyone had any experience exporting records to windows programs for use in Access or SQl. I will need o be able to do this at least daily and preferably dynamically.
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jadedataMS Access Systems CreatorCommented:
Hey pharries!

Even Unix/Linus machines have file name extensions.  What do we have on these files

it does not matter what kind of database is it and on which operating system it run, almost 99% of all databases support ODBC connection. Just ask what database it is, and afterwads just check how to connect to it via ODBC. Afterwards you can query whatever you want.

In your case, most probably it will be Oracle. In that case install oracle client, ask what is username/password and DSN and create an entry in your ODBC. Afterwards you can use it from wherever you want, Access, VB, Delphy...
pharriesAuthor Commented:
The extensions are .dme andd .dmx
I have seen references elsewher o9n the web to Protrader database.
I have been unable to find an ODBC driver.
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there has to be way to connect via ODBC!!!

find out what database it is for sure and check if they have a website, manual, or something where you can find how to connect via ODBC. 99.99% of databases support ODBC!!!
jadedataMS Access Systems CreatorCommented:
I was afraid of that,.... those are proprietary data files for the Medical Manager Software.  I don't think you're going to be finding an ODBC driver for this one.  

This is a commercial application that you can void the warranty on, or worse yet violate the "Rights To Use" agreement with Medical Manager.  I would think this through VERY carefully before going any further.  Medical Manager software has reports from which you can virtually export all the related data fields in the major (non-system) tables.  You NEED to use these as your first attempt or you could find your company's "Right to Use" the software has been rescinded.  Can you say "Up the creek without a paddle???"

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some databases require to install client for ODBC drivers,
I am almost sure there is ODBC driver
pharriesAuthor Commented:
Reports in medical manager seem to be to scren or printer only
Anyone know anything on this score?
jadedataMS Access Systems CreatorCommented:
I know from my providers that there are facilities to output data to files.  Reference tables can be csv'd out, so my presumption is that any of the data tables could be csv'd out somehow.
pharriesAuthor Commented:
OK  I will have to check again. it may be an option my locatio does not have
jadedataMS Access Systems CreatorCommented:
10/23/2003 10:22AM EDT comment clenches this.  
Medical Manager would take a very dim view of any connections to the data files in their systems.
Medical Manager provide file-out function to extract data from their systems.

point jadedata
Assuming your're on ver 9 or ver 10 - it's pretty easy to do.  It uses CTree - so the usual windows stuff won't work.  If your site has rpg or dml (report generator or data merge) - a script can be done to do this.  When I was a med mgr dealer - we wrote many of these scripts.
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