why isnt winxp not detecting my sound card?

Hello folks,

I have a little problem. I have an old server

Pentium MMX 233 (Dual CPU)
and my bios/motherboard (as copied from the startup screen) is
05/13/98 I430HX-2A59FT59C-00

I dont know what is wrong with the system but it doesnt recognize my sound card, i dont know what make sound card is but the number on the card is 7CA0W18929.

I tried to install same sound card in my other computer and it worked just fine. So problem is not with the card

I already tried to install card in all the different slots but no luck.

Also i dont have on board sound card, so i am just going crazy ......

any help is appreciated

thank you
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hatimadAuthor Commented:
oh..and FCC ID: LWHA151A00

The only thing I can think of is if X thinks there is a sound card on there from a past FAILED install attempt, so goto: start/control panel/system/device manager/hardware/sound/click the sound card and then click remove, now also click any yellow ! signs or red X sings (if there are any, whjat are they next to?). reboot the PC with the sound card in and hopefully the comp will see it in boot up and ask for the drivers.

hatimadAuthor Commented:
I tried to do that, but Xp doesnt have any sound devices, it only have some codecs and it wouldnt let me remove that. all other devices are working properly there is no yellow ! anywhere.

right now i am trying to reinstall windows with the hope that it will detect this time, i will get back

thank you
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hatimadAuthor Commented:
Nope reinstalling windows didnt work either....winxp installs some sound devices but i cant remove them it gives me mesg that those components are needed by windows to run
Try another card, yours may be defective.

hatimadAuthor Commented:
card is not defective, it works fine in my other computer, i checked it. Unfortunately i dont have another card to check. my other computer has onboard sound.
James GoldenSystems Administrator ConsultantCommented:
Sounds like you may have a hardware conflict, pretty typical in that age of machine.  See if you have some hardware jumper setting on the sound card and set them to an IRQ you know is free.  Typically you run into an issue with sound cards if you have a modem installed.  If you don't have jumpers to set your IRQ on the sound card, then remove the modem (if you have one) and stick in the sound card.  See if it will detect it then.

Just some ideas.

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hatimadAuthor Commented:
I tried to install sound card in all the different slots, also my modem is PCI and sound card is not...but i would still go ahead and try to remove modem and check if it detects the sound card

thanks for the ideas...i dont think card has any jumpers but i will check it again...
hatimadAuthor Commented:
I disabled PCI devices on all IRQ and enabled ISA on all IRQ from BIOS and it detected my sound card.

Once the sound card was installed, i enabled all the PCI devices from BIOS and everything seems to work now.

I dont know what was wrong but James ideas worked

Thank you everyone for trying to solve my problem, I appreciate it.
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