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This application requires an Xtra (Flash Movie...) that either does not exist or failed to initialize properly. Please make sure the appropriate Xtras are in the Xtras fodler(s)."

This is an error i get when trying to play certain games.I have windows me.  How do i correct this.Thanks Kevin..kgmacd@eastlink.ca
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Sounds like the Flash xtra is not being included in the projector (assuming this is offline).

If you have downloaded the file to play then I believe there is nothing you can do about it as it's an error at authoring time, or if you are the author and get this error then check movies > xtras and include the Flash xtra in the projector.

Or another idea if you are trying to see this file online then check you have the plugin installed correctly by reinstalling it from Macromedia.

Peter Witham.
Modify>Moive>Xtras.  For Shockwave check download if needed.  For projectors, check include in projector (As Peter Sugested) or add it to an Xtras folder beside the projector.

Where could I go to download the software, as that problem is hapenning to me online.

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Download what softwre?  Director lets you mark Xtras to be downloaded if needed from inside Director.  It will take care of the rest.

Have you found an an answer yet?  We are having the same problem when playing certain online games - so the comments about projectors and Director (whatever that is) do not seem to be relevant.
The author of the game did not properly set up the movie to download the Xtras it needed.  Also if you get an install dialog before the game then you need to allow it to install the Xtras it requests.

i have the same problem on my computer... this also happens when i try to download shockwave player... how can i fix it?
You will need to find a movie set up properly so that you can download the Xtra.  You may also want ot try reinstalling the player as well.

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