fancy checkboxes or other toggle-switches


is it possible to use javascript (or any other web-development language to make a web-page that contains a toggle switch that changes color upon being pressed.

for example,  press once on a square and the square goes from white to black.  press again and it goes from black to white.  etc. etc.

basically, it behaves like a checkbox, but maybe is easier to see visually.

Thanks for any help!
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Try this

function swap(){
 if (col=="cRed")
     return "#0000FF"}
     return "#FF0000"}
<table bgColor="red" width="30" onclick='this.bgColor = swap()'>

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are you wanting it to be available for submitting a form (don't think it's possible) or just as an aesthetic thing (Which X's code wil provide without any problem)

You can do it easily. I'm not going to write it for you, but i've seen it before.

1. Create your tick box as an image.
2. Have an onclick event that toggles the image between the two states. This will also need to set the value of a hidden form variable.
3. Do normal form processing as the hidden form variables will contian you results.

Hope this helps.

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Oh dear I was coding late last night and the code I gave you looks terrible, this is better

<table bgColor="#FF0000" width="30" onclick="(/ff0000/.test(bgColor))?bgColor='blue':bgColor='red'">

Alex surely you can add formName.submit() to the onclick

yep, not thinking straight! soz
looking at the code I submitted late last night neither was I. :-)
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