Problems with new barebones system, PC Chips M925 mb and power supply

I recently purchased a barebones P4 2GHz system, and I have the following problem. (Note: I am fairly experienced in assembling computer and very experienced working with them) I installed all the components which i wanted, poped the chip in (those stupid little discs came no gel), put the PS back in and tried to fire it up.... but nothing. So i figured i had the power switch plug on the wrong pins, rehooked it up, still nothing... The way i figure, it could be several things, the PS, the MB, or maby even the power switch ( i tried a jumper on the power switch pins still nothing ), however I am unable to narrow it down any further.
Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks in advance

Important Specs:
P4 2GHz
PC Chips M925 Motherboard
300W  Solarmax PS (115v/230v AC 60/50Hz 7A/3.5A)
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See if the mobo is shorting on the case.

Take the mobo out of the case and put it on a piece of cardboard or newspaper. Hook up CPU, VIDEOCARD, RAM, and POWERSUPPLY. See if it boots.
adhrymesAuthor Commented:
Alright I tried that and still nothing, to check the PS i pluged it into an old MB (NOTHING ELSE except CPU)i had lying around and it made the CPU Fan spin for a sec then stops, same with PS fan. Any more ideas?
At the moment, just to try another PS or see if that one will run a known good system with cpu, ram, video and harddrive.
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adhrymesAuthor Commented:
alright i tested it out and the PS works with another board hooked up.... now down to the MB and cpu ....
adhrymesAuthor Commented:
haha i got it, the jmper was set to clear the CMOS, this f**** things don't come with manuals, only 1 page things its annoying, on top of that, they don't tell u how to oriente the pins when they give u the #'s haha. thanks neway guys
adhrymesAuthor Commented:
alright new problem hahah. I boot the computer, while the screen is still blank i hear 2 beeps from the MB, then the boot screen comes up and I get an error saying something about how the CMOS is invalid, from here if i go into the bios and try and mess with the settings the computer will freeze after a little bit, if i say load defaults and boot then the comp will start boot, maby get to windows but again evtually it just freezes. what do you guys think? Cpu? MB? something else?

Also side note, what is the best configuration to put those little pads on the CPU...

THanks again guys.

Did you try changing the bIOS Battery ?
If, on first boot it says that ' CMOS is Invalid ', then a weak or dead CMOS Battery may be one of the issues.
adhrymes:>>> jmper was set to clear the CMOS<<<  I wondered about that this afternoon at work.
         >>> new problem <<<  If that doesn't do it, you might want to think about flashing the BIOS. Booting with the jumper on clear might have messed it up a little.  CPU - probably not.  MOBO - Maybe, but I would bet on the BIOS first.

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