question :

what is spoof ?
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To capture, alter, and retransmit a communication
streem in a way the misleads the recipient,
as used by hackers, refers especially  to altering TCP/IP
packet source address or other packet header data in order
to maquerade as a trusted machine.

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victorbxAuthor Commented:
Thank You ,

very pro answer ! ?

victorbxAuthor Commented:

I am paying for this service and i will not tolerate this kind of behaviour.

I asked a question as the one in the linux area and the hardware area

what is wrong with that ?

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hey , this is really not what you are thinking it is

i am sorry for not giving the credits to BABYLON TRANSLATOR..

i just signed to your service
and noticed on this questions ,
and i admit that this was very easy

victorbxAuthor Commented:
Give me a break will ya !?

cancel my membership and bring me back my money ,

i will receive a better service in other support sites

send me an email with the cancellation approval !!!


Al JeeCommented:
Victor> That wasn't even a good try.
Did you think no one would notice a 500 point post for a simple definition & an accepted answer posted within 60 seconds?

That's just sad.
An 'A' grade to boot, with prior gradings showing 'C'....
Making a mistake is one thing. Misleading others is quite rather of something else.
victorbxAuthor Commented:

This is how i asked my all questions in the past few days ... with 500 points
( in the bottom of the page it was writen " Don't be stingy " )

So do me a favore, believe me , if i was making a mistake , i had no problem to admit that
i made one,

Al JeeCommented:

500 points is an EXTRAORDINARY amount of points to offer.[or USED to be, anyway]
Even more so when the question is a simple definition that could be gotten quicker with a google search.
I guess that having unlimited points to offer makes ANY amount of points reasonable, but you have to admit that the fact that d1vx was able to read your question, search for an answer, and copy & post that answer within 60 seconds is quite suspect.

In the US we have a saying: "If it walks like a duck & sounds like a duck & looks like a duck, it probably is a duck."
Maybe this whole thing is just the obvious result of offering unlimited points. [I have my opinions about this EE option, but...]
I don't understand why EE couldn't forsee the point inflation issue but for whatever reason surely you can see that this situation definitely looks "like a duck".
Perhaps if you had explained yourself when SerCouWisMOD confronted first confronted you, this would have been less of an issue.
Of course, if you succeed in having your account cancelled as you have requested, this all will be moot anyway.
Wow , What i missed here !.... war  ??!?!!?!

chill out guys ,

no ducks and no scam

StoneG , it takes no more than 10 seconds to press on the right button of the babylon translator and get the spoof answer.

so it was an easy one , why can't you live with it ?

andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
I thought spoof was a drinking game where each player has three coins and holds an unknown number out each time and you have to guess the total :-)
Al JeeCommented:
It's not my issue except that I'm an EE'er.
I don't have a problem with the fact that you got a ton of points for next to nothing. I have a BIG problem with the inflation of point values.
The simple fact is that 500 points were offered by victorbx for such a ridiculously easy question, in spite of the "point offer guidelines" put forth by EE admin. This kind of thing makes a mockery of the point system.
Granted, the points are worth (- $0.0000003329) each but the point of the points [?] is that they are a general indicator of a given expert's ability in a given field.
Offering 500 points for this thread looks like a duck but is probably just a newcomer's idea of not being stingy and good timing on your part.
Hell, for someone who shells out the money for the premium service & unlimited points, the amount of points ARE meaningless unless you are trying to determine if someone's general level of expertise.

My comments were/are aimed not only at victorbx to see [out of sheer curiosity] if there really was a duck here, but at whatever Mod is listening.

What is going on is a degredation of the measurable quality of the expert status & THAT is the only thing that has kept EE alive this long.
I would have expected the head cheeses at EE to have seen this probability when they set up the unlimited points, but I am continually surprised by ... them.

<end of rant...we now return you to your regularly scheduled EE session which is already in progress>

andyalder > I'll play. Can we use tequila?
Al JeeCommented:

Please remove the "if" from the string "trying to determine if someone's general level of expertise." :-\

<Bad keyboard! Bad!>

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