Rename Exchange site in Exchange 5.5

How to Rename Exchange Site name in Exchange 5.5 Server.
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onkariAuthor Commented:
How to Rename Exchange Site name in Exchange 5.5 Server.
export all mail to pst files using exmerge
export any pblic folders to pst files using outlook client
reinstall exchange and seelct the site name you want

as far as I know this is the only way

Here's how you can do it:;en-us;152144&Product=ech 

I have done this in production with no fall out.
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if the site name inside the directory service that needs to be changed then this is impossible without reinstalling exchange, however, above article will only change the display name and not the directory servoce site name, however this may be enough for your needs

Correct, the author posted no info.  If there is more than 1 server, replicating to other sites, this will not work.

ahmedbahgat is correct.

There is also a utility that is part of Exchange 5.5 SP4 called MOVE SERVER.
This will allow you to do this with some restrictions.
I'm sorry, it is called the MOVE SERVER WIZARD.
True again.  I guess my overall thought was, the author left no info.  Anyone can speculate.  I was just hangin out until I had some real info...

mfay, the info you supplied is really great, it is the questioner who was not specific why the name needs to be changed and I think what you supplied may be enough to achieve the requierment and what I added was a mere extra info that is allready stated in the link you supplied

good to see you back

Thanks for the input.  As far as being back, I have been in the office lately doing a lot of writing.  This is my 'sanity break'.


To original Requestor: onkari
This thread went on because we need more information.  Please be more specific as to your configuration, how many sites, WHY you need to change the name of the site, etc.  Thank you.

David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
my guess is that he's trying to install the ADC, and it has an illegal character in the site name, at which point changing the display name will work to allow the ADC to install. I'll be trying it soon myself,

David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
"When you try to join an Exchange Server 5.5 site that contains an invalid character in its name to an Exchange 2000 organization, you expect to receive an error message similar to the following:

Setup has determined the display name of the Organization or one of the Exchange Sites in your Organization is greater than 64 characters or contains at least one of the following invalid characters: ~'!@#$%^*()_+= etc... To correct this, you must use the Exchange 5.X Administration tool to change the display name of either the organization and/or the affected Sites and then re-run setup.
Valid characters for organization and site names in Exchange Server include:
A through Z
a through z
0 through 9
Hyphen or dash"
Yup, this'll end up on the 6 month no action, volunteer to clean up list...  I BET on it.

Hmm, Kid.. is in A
MFay is in CT

I don't know where EA is..
I don't know where ahmedbahgat is...

What can we bet, a virtual drink?
David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
Being that I'm from ATL, the Land of Strip Clubs, I think a table dance may be the only appropriate bet :)

bad luck i'm down under, hope to join gentlemen but seems can't

Hi Guys,
NT4 Domain Migration to Windows 2000 and Regarding rennaming exchange 5.5 site name.
THis is the setup NT 4 Domain
PDC=File server
BDC=Exchange server 5.5. edb's =8GB
NT4 Mem server= application
Mem server=Win 2K terminal server app mode
I have 2 new dell servers and would like to move the DC's to them and set up a Win 2K AD due to lack of space on old servers.
Problem is the domain was named DOMAIN when the servers were built years ago. I would like to setup the correct DNS (Company name)
What is the best way to move to Win 2K AD domain, do i need to rename the NT DOmain and the  Exchange directory name (site name).
Please Help as we are nearing dead line.

Many Thanks
David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
Then please post a question with points, it's bad form to "piggy-back" on someone else's question.


Rename Exchange 5.5
Two years ago I had to restore an exchange 5.5 server from the backup. Rushing the installation process, I mistyped one of the characters of the name and realized that when starting the recovery. Because time was essential, I decided to locate all the keys on the registry (more than 10 places if I remember correctly) and rename it there.  

It  worked great for me and I was able to save precious time.

I hope this help.
Well, it appears MFay is owed a number of drinks.

Who said I don't read these things ...

PAQed - no points refunded (of 50)

ee_ai_construct - (re-order part number #xm34)
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