DBLookUp problem

IM using @DBLookup to populate a field in my report form. The code works ok for small data, but when im generating the report for 1065 records (each field, in effect will hold 1065 records as well) this error message appeard "Paragraph or field cannot be larger than 64kbytes). How can I generate my report?

Hoping for a prompt reply. Thanks in advance.
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Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
Well, you can't have more than 64K in a field.  Not in a normail textfield, anyway.

You could generate your report in a RichText field, because that can hold more data.
And please post your code, it's very difficult to grasp what you are trying to do.



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Oh Boy....
From the help:
@DbLookup can return no more than 64KB of data. Use the following equations to determine how much of your data can be returned with @DbLookup.
For lookups that return text:
2 + (2 * number of entries returned) + total text size of all entries
Each text string is limited to 511 bytes; if only one text string is returned, it is limited to 64KB.
For lookups that return numbers or dates:
(10 * number of entries returned) + 6

There are workarounds for it, If you tell us whether it is in web or notesclient, accordingly we can tell.

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You may want to try LotusScript to work around issues with DbLookup limits.  Field limits are a different problem.  You may need to break the data out into multiple felds, or you may have to do a dair bit of processing to get chunks of it intoo a rich text field AS SEPARATE PARAGRAPHS.
macjacintoAuthor Commented:
here's the code i used in the field

@DbLookup("": "NoCache" ; "": ""; view ; @Trim(tcovereddate) ; 2 )

each record of is 10 characters long

ill be using it for notes client

macjacintoAuthor Commented:
I would deeply appreciate the lotuscript code work around for this.

Thanks in advance!
Remind me next week.
macjacintoAuthor Commented:
i already tried making the field a rich text field, the form appears but no value was shown

qwalette...im now reminding u :D


OK, the first thing is to understand how to use LotusScript to retrieve the same data as your DbLookup.

Dim tcovereddate as string
tcoveredDate = "....................... you need to assign this ......................."

Dim s as new notesSession
Dim db as notesDatabase
Dim view as notesView
Dim entries as notesViewNavigator
Dim entry as notesViewEntry
Dim onealue as string

Set db = s.currentDatabase
Set view = db.getView("ate")
set entries = view.createViewNavFromCategory(trim(tcovereddate))
Set entry = etries.getFirst
Do Until entry is Nothing
   oneValue = entry.columnValues(2)
   '    ************ do something with the value! ************
   Set entry = entries.getNext(entry)

Now, what to do with:
   '    ************ do something with the value! ************
...?  We'll get there in a minute.

So, we have to place the data in <64k chunks into Rich Text.  S, where we have:
   '    ************ do something with the value! ************
... we should append the value to an "allValues string" variables, and when it gets close to 64k, dump it into its own rich text field.

How to do that? Create a little form with a PLAIN TEXT field to hold the accumulated "allValues"  Then use notesDocument.renderToRchTextItem to stuff this chunk into a central field on a different document.
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