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Hello Everyone,

I'm stuck..I need to find a way to script the creation of directories and add new users using those directories as their home dirs. Problem is I need to do this on my linux server, and most of my scripting experience stems from using vb script.

I have never used the linux shell to script anything!

Any ideas?
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Hi merlin152,

do a man useradd

for most default installations
useradd username
will add a user as well as create a home directory generally /home/username
for finer control read the man page thoroughly

useradd -d /path/to/homedir -m username
(The -m makes the homedir if it isn't there)

so for lots of users

for user in bob fred sue anne jo
useradd -d /path/to/homedir/$user -m $user
merlin152Author Commented:
Thanks sunny and liddler.

However, I bit info on the kind of username I'm working with:-

My users have usernames like user1 to user550. Can this increment be scripted for as well?

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while [ i -lt 551 ]
     adduser user$i
     i=`expr i + 1`

add home dirrectory path explicitly if you do not wish to have default settings

while [ $number -lt 550 ]
useradd -d /path/to/homedir/user$naumber -m user$number
number=`expr $number + 1`

would do user1 - user550

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bah too slow ;-(
me too typo prone ;-(
>while [ i -lt 551 ]
while [ $i -lt 551 ]
           ^ missing $
merlin152Author Commented:
I'm getting this error 550 times!

useradd: unable to lock password file

Any ideas?
sounds like /etc/passwd file has been locked by some other application and hence useradd is not able to create new users
also, you need to execute the script as root
merlin152Author Commented:
how do you unlock it??
1. are you logged in as root when you are executing this script
merlin152Author Commented:
are you running any other application which will lock the /etc/password file... do a ps -aux and check who all are logged in as root (sudo)

next locate the lock file and try getting rid of it
in /etc/ptmp/ or some similar dir

since you are able to login, atleast the file has not been corrupted
merlin152Author Commented:
there's a passwd.lock file, I have deleted it. But still the script churns out the same error message.

There's a passwd- file, should I delete that one as well?
merlin152Author Commented:
Yeah! I got to work!...

Thanks guy's! I'll split the points between both of you.

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