I/o subsystem error after removing Slave Hardrive Ghost in the Machine???

I'm having a problem with removing a hard drive, I have 2 40gig WD hard drives in my computer. My machine works fine until I remove the 2nd hard drive, then I get an error that reads: i/o subsystem driver failed to load : now I hook back up the 2nd(slave) hard drive and it boots right up! System has 256 DDR pc2600 AMD2.6 running Win98. The 1st HD has 2 partitions, the 2nd hard drive has 2 partitions. There is nothing on the second HD, so I don't know why it's doing this. before I put the 2nd HD in, it was booting up fine with just 1 hd. Now I put the 2nd one in and it boots up fine too! Now when I try to remove the 2nd one, the computer hangs at Verifying DMI Pool data and just sits, then after a long while this message comes up. : i/o subsystem driver failed to load. so I tried booting from a start up disk, went to c: cd windows, and tried to start windoze that way, typed WIN and got the same message, i/o subsystem driver failed. and yes, the jumpers on both HD's are in the correct place. I was wondering, should I format the mbr(master boot record) or what? It's probley something stupid, I even went far as reseting the cmos jumber 2-3 to reset. Still no go. I put that 2nd HD back in no problem.. I even changed the IDE cable, no go. So, I'm running with 2 WD 40gig HD's for now, I really need to get this one out cause I have a sale for it! Happy Halloween, Ghost in the Machine...
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Have you tried booting to the boot select menu by holding down the F8 key while booting?

If not, then, try it and if the menu comes up select boot with logging.
Wait till the error occurs and then reboot with the menu and select DOS prompt.

You will then be able to examine the log file "C:BOOTLOG.TXT" with the editor or just type it out to the screen.
Look at the last few lines to see what was last thing it was trying to do.

MaJicKNuTsAuthor Commented:
Yes I have tried that already, no luck there either, I did not find anything wrong in the bootlog.  I'm stuck! I even used ghost to rewrite the primary to the way it was before I put that other secondary drive in, and still No Luck! just keep hitting dead ends. everything loads fine, no errors. Then when you when windows goes to boot, that's when you get the error: an i/o subsystem driver failed to load" so I put the secondary drive back in and it boots right up with no pauses or anything, whole machine takes about 15-17 seconds to get to the desktop from cold boot. Nope, still stuck, you have anything else?? thanks.
MaJicKNuTsAuthor Commented:
here's something else to work with, I just tried to remove the drive again and start windows and received this error: SYSTEM ERROR REPALCE SYSTEM DISK AND PUSH RETURN. So I put the start up disk in and push return, and then after it load, I go to c:windows and try to start win from there, and I get this error: io subsysdirectory is corrupt or system is low on memory. Now I know I have memory and my system is far from slow, so I was just stating a new error to see if it could help you. thank you.
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I don't know if you have seen this or not, but it describes your problem and recommends some fixes.


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If there's nothing on that HD, try reformatting it before removing it.

>>> " I did not find anything wrong in the bootlog"

The boot log will not contain any error information as such, what it contains is a log of each component loaded.
If some thing goes wrong the last line will usually contain the name of the last component that WIN98 attempted to load. And the log file should look something like this:

[000A3DBF] Dynamic load device  C:\WINDOWS\system\IOSUBSYS\cdfs.vxd
[000A3DBC] Dynamic load success C:\WINDOWS\system\IOSUBSYS\cdfs.vxd
[000A3DBC] Dynamic load device  C:\WINDOWS\system\IOSUBSYS\cdtsd.vxd
[000A3DBC] Dynamic load success C:\WINDOWS\system\IOSUBSYS\cdtsd.vxd
[000A3DBC] Dynamic load device  C:\WINDOWS\system\IOSUBSYS\cdvsd.vxd

If the boot completes the last line should be: EndTerminate = KERNEL

So, if the last entry is  " Dynamic load device........." , it should give you some idea of what's going on.

MaJicKNuTsAuthor Commented:
I just got back online. Lidsky, I saw that link you posted and by deleting the smartdrv.exe and rebooting it did fix the problem. I thank everyone for all the help. Problem is fixed. Now I can sell that other HD. Thanks.
Happy to hear the problem is solved.

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