Insert image by code


Is there a way to insert a image by code in Crystal Reports?

I have tried to add an image-object, but I cannot find any way to change the path for it...

I know I can use a "blob"(image) field in my database and store the images there, but I need another solution.

I am using VB.NET

This link did not help me:

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BrimbaAuthor Commented:
The problem is that in all those examples they are using the OLEObject and then the FormattedPicture. But when i search in the help for CR i find none of them...

I think I have to use the PictureObject but i cannot find any way to change picture.
I can set border, width and everything but not change the picture..

Sorry, I haven't done anything with pictures in my reports.

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Hi Brimba,

For an additional information(just in case) :

1. As of version 8.5, there's no way to redirect the file path (say from c:\images to c:\pictures) for OLEObject. You have to be sure that when you distribute your rpt, that a folder with the exact path where you link your OLE object can be found on the client machine. So when you designed your rpt and it looks at c:\images\ directory, you have to be sure that on the client machine you also have this directory created and with the images on it.

A friend once told me that this is possible using RDC. Try to read articles on this one at crystaldecision site.
Sorry to tell you that I haven't tried this one yet and don't have any idea how to make it work as I'm into Delphi programming.

An officemate told me that currently, the CR for .NET components donot provide any other method to dynamically insert images into your report. The Section Format events are available in RDC which allows changing images dynamically in a report. You can also consider using the RDC within your .NET application, but however using the RDC in a VS .NET application means that you will be making use of unmanaged code and therefore not take advantage of many of the .NET features such as automatic Garbage Collection and Automatic Thread Marshalling. I suggest you to refer to a Technical Paper on RDC and .NET. It describes using the Report Designer Component (RDC) in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET (VS .NET).

To download the same, please point your browser to the following location :


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BrimbaAuthor Commented:
I believe the answer is not worth 500 points.

But I would like to give jrmn 250 points for the time he/she spent on my problem!

The problem is not solved and therefore I would like to delete the question.
Glad I could help

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