Laptop problems! Ibm Thinkpad 560x! Error! it says there is an error at startup!

I bought an IBM Thinkpad 560x Recently! it start's up and there says an error  00301 but when i do tests it says everything is fine! and thatas it i cannot restart or anything i am using incorrect psu but that can't be the problem! please let me know asap!
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Hacker_xpAuthor Commented:
look i need help fast come on please! i'll increase points if neccesary!thats all i know i done tests everything is fine might be the 32mb ram that is soldered into the laptop how do i fix something like this i did also change the keyboard yesterday!that might be the problem!
Does it show you any error message

what is the OS ?

Have you tried booting in using Safe mode ?

Hacker_xpAuthor Commented:
yes error 301 under ram! i don't know what os i cannot boot up any further!

no i caN'T! i don't know what os it is!
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Hacker_xpAuthor Commented:
i think it's the bios i am in and can't go any further the tests show eveything is ok but still why does it do this i even took the battery out and started just with psu sill got problem!
You said you  bought the laptop.So how come you are not aware of the OS ?

When you restart , press F5 or F8 ( one of these should work) and it will give you an option of entering into safe mode

Try going inside using safe mode

Hacker_xpAuthor Commented:
i am sure it's a memory problem as i put more i got error 201 e.t.c. what can i do
Hacker_xpAuthor Commented:
i bought the laptop of ebay and he didn't know what os it was untested but working
Greetings, Hacker_xp!

You may have a RAM problem. Can you boot up to Windows?  Run a memory test. Download Memtest86 on another computer and run it on this one.

Swap out the RAM with known good RAM.

If you just bought it, you should be able to return it and get your money back.

Best wishes, war1
The error 301 is related with keyboard and yes, 201 is due to the memory test failure. Have you tried resetting CMOS values. Remove the CMOS battery and leave it for a while.


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Thanks, war1
Hacker_xpAuthor Commented:
sorry i have been awaqy for a week i fixed the problem myself y replacing the keyboard and it boots up with windows 95 although when it starts and i hit a key on the keyboaRD THE ERROR COMES AGAIN ALSO SOME OF THE BUTTONS ON THE KEYBPARD DON'T WORK!!!!
Hacker_xpAuthor Commented:
i have another question on most computers u can see when the pc booting what hard disk processor and thje rest are installed on thisu can't and pressing f1 does not get me to the bios where i can configure stuff it's just information!! not like bios on my desktop!!!
If the keyboard does not work, why do say the problem is fixed?   Boot up to Safe Mode and uninstall the keyboad driver from Device Manager.  Reboot and let Windows reinstall it.

It is usually one question per question.   To find out processor, right click on My Computer and select Properties.  To get into the Bios settings, different computer has different key to get there.  Try DEL key, then F2, then F10.  During the memory test, the screen tells you which key to hit to get into Bios settings.
Hacker_xpAuthor Commented:
i know what cpu and ram the thing has all i said was when booting up t does not show the drives installed or the cpu i have checked the cpu and now it is a pentium 233!!!!!
So do you have Pentium 233?  Are your questions answer?  Will you accept an answer?
Hacker_xpAuthor Commented:
i wanted to split the points between war1 and johbrv! can i still do it!
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