Difficult Old MS-DOS text based roman game

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This is a very old game. late 80's. 5 1/4 disk.
I do not remember the name, but I'm pretty sure it was a text-based, multiple choice strategy game.

You started out as a roman general (not too sure if it was an official title), you had 1,000 soldiers and 5,000 monetary units. You needed to attack provinces and incorporate them to your empire. You had some food in stores for your troops.

You could buy swords, shields, horses and food for your men. The centurions had to be paid some gold pieces per day and they needed food, so 1/3 of a sack of food per day was spent. You could also sell them.

You had scouts to send to cities near and far to gauge their strength and their numbers. Once you knew your enemies, you could strike.

You had to move your troops to the city and you could attack in several ways:
1 Frontal attack
2 surround and squeeze
3 cut off supplies
4 incite a slave revolt.

After your choice, you were told the result, either your victory or your loss.

Once you conquered the city, you could take the money from their treasury, get supplies (useful, like sacks of grain, horses, or worthless, like marble), garrison troops, recruit troops from the locals. If you left too little troops as a garrison, you could lose the province later on.

And you could build in your conquered city: statues to you, a god, caesar, a marketplace and a colliseum. Those buildings had a cost in money and in number of slaves needed for it. The colliseum needed 40 slaves. And you could offer bribes if the building costs were too much.

It was turn based, because after a while, you got information in a newspaper with results on the Lions vs Christians battle (a whopping won for the christians 10 to 1), and how many provinces had declared independence. You could even get reports on the horses of your army that had died (half of them usually were killed because of an illness. So did your slaves, BTW) between turns.

And if you had too much money lying around, Caesar would take it.
And if you dind't have many statues praising caesar, he would become displeased.

As you can see, it is a very lengthy game and I only had the shareware version (I could never bribe officials because it was only a demo). My brother and I bought it and I remember the other games being offered at the time: ford simulator, strategic war games, jump joe...

So, what I know: mid to late 80's text based, multiple choices, little to no graphics, strategy, turn based, micromanagement, roman themed, building involved, scouts and conquest-maintenance of provinces game.

And I only remember the name of one province: Chalchis. the only one I could never take. Even when i had more warriors with weapons than they had population.

If you know it, please give me a ring.
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Centurion?? - (http://underworld.fortunecity.com/sonic/761/centurion.zip)  - but this has graphics?

If it has pictures also consider Caesar Version 1.0  (http://www.dosgamesarchive.com/download/download.php?id=177)but this is much later than the time you're describing (although it did come out on 1.2Mb Floppies)

M :o)


Thanks for the response, but no, the game is not any of those.
It predates Caesar and Civilization by almost 4 years. This game has absolutely no graphics. It's all multiple choice and text commands. You don't even type lines, you choose numbers.
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These are older but nothing obvious - any help?
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This doesn't directly answer your question, but it may help point you in the right direction.  Try searching for "abandonware" on google, or your favorite search engine, and browsing through the abandonware sites that show up.


I may have found the answer.


They talk, very briefly, about a game called "Legions of Rome" from 1984, with the Strategy and the Text bit. It may very well be. So far, I have not found any info regarding Aigis Circle, which seems to be the developer.

Does anyone have any information?
I tried to friend Legions or Rome, came short, the link you gave (guapo) didnt work for me. I saw a website with a long list of war games n lor came, but they only had the name.

i checked alot of other games, but they were all too new.

to the question asker, was the game in color, b/w  text  or  little graphics
oh yeah, its supposed to be made by world wide wargames. hopes this helps alil
legions or rome might be wrong because it seems to be a board game
could it have been called Annals of Rome?  The game listed here sounds an aweful lot like what you're describing.

check this site....


I am afraid it doesn't ring a bell, from that long ago time. It could be any number of games of that genre, none of which I remember the name. I think that World Wide Wargames (3W) only did board games. The only reference I could find in my searches to anyting like what you are looking for were references to your post!

Here are a couple of search links to get you started. Keep searching the abandonware sites, you'll find it!



Actually, which system was the game for? Atari, Spectrum, C64, Amiga, Apple...

MS-DOS game, mcwojtekk.

I have to get some sleep. Really 0:-)

Hehehe... why did you have to mention sleep... just realized it was 5am... and I remember some Apple and C64 games with pleasure, so it was a good thought...


Hmmm... just noticed the ? was 5 months old... wonder if he's going to check back? Perhaps it should be closed...


> Perhaps it should be closed...
Can't start the cleanup process till 21 days after the last comment :-).


Yep, Turn123... who would I make a suggestion to that it be 21 days from questioners last post? It seems ridiculous to keep a quesiton open because someone wasn't paying attention to the date (ok, it was me <g>) when they tried to help. In this case, the questioner hasn't posted in 4 months... seems it could have been legitimately closed awhile back. Than again, I have been known to be a *tad* retentive at times...

As for points, MASQURAID (what IS it with this guy heheh) seems to have been the first to point out abandonware, which would seem to be the best idea for a solution. I know I did a lot of searching using that concept to attempt to find the game.

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Nooo!  It's that ChrisPy guy again! ;)
This one's not mine, reading the thread it seems that guapo_mendez has done most of the work themselves.
A huge thanks to both of you guys for posting recommendations.

It makes my job a LOT easier :-).

>It seems ridiculous to keep a question open because someone wasn't paying attention to the date
Agree. But what if that comment was the answer the asker wanted and the asker was out of town?

>seems it could have been legitimately closed awhile back.
Your right!  Nobody was cleaning for the first window (My first list was posted on the 8th of Feb) and I missed the second window. I don't think I did any cleanup that week.  Trying to remember but I think it was a backpacking trip (no internet access)  When I came to this question it said 0 days since last comment.  Argh...

I was very happy to be able to finally ping it as it has been bugging me ;-).



Thanks for your responses and sorry for my delays. I was out of town for the last few months and I didn't tend the question like I should.
Points have been awarded to Masqueraid, for all his help.
Feel free to close the question.

welp, Turn123, seems like you were dead on, his being out of town. Thanks for the heads-up, I probably need to disconnect my RJ45 iV occasionally so I get where other people might be at ;)

guapo_mendez, if you find the game, would you post the info? It sounds like something that would be right up my alley!


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