Windows 2003 scripts for IIS/FTP bandwidth control

Is it possible to schedule or run a script that will throttle down or even turn off my IIS/FTP server during a specific day/time period?  I'm hosting a game server on a diffent box and want to make sure it gets close to 100% of the bandwidth for a few hours in the evening.
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MSGeekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sure just use iisrestart:;en-us;317584&Product=win2000.  I could be rusty here but I believe ftp is dependent on IIS and will stop and start at the same time.  Just curious, what game?  MSGeek.
ThirtAuthor Commented:
Cool, I will give that a review.  I hope that can be used to shutdown IIS at a certain time along with restarting it later.

I'm hosting a dedicated server for Halo. It's been a blast except when the lag kicks in.
Thirt... did that solve your issue.  Let me know, MSGeek.
Thx Thirt, glad I could help.  MSGeek.
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