How do you link from a non-frameset page to a frameset page and get the entire frame.

I have a website that was created using frames, which I'm working on removing.  However, I created a new section of our site that has no frames.  Now, I need to link from the new section (no frames) to a page in a frameset.  How do I get this page with it's frameset?
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<a href="fullpage.htm" target="_top">fullpage</a>
That's to go from a frameset page to a normal page.

To from a normal page to a frameset, just link to the frameset which contains the page concerned.

<a href="myframeset.htm">frameset</a>.

ballsharAuthor Commented:
index.htm is not a frameset - but this is were we link FROM



The frameset is called main.htm which also includes left.htm which is the navigation menu.
In the main.htm frameset there maybe 20 files linked in the left.htm of the frameset.  page1.htm
How can I create a link from index.htm to page1.htm that will bring up the frameset of main.htm? Is there a quick solution or javascript I can use?
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Doc Javascript covers this sort of thing:
I am not understanding you do mean  by "create a link from index.htm to page1.htm that will bring up the frameset of main.htm?" ie bring up the main.htm frame set with page1.htm displayed in the frame set.
All twenty html pages with the names page1.htm, page2.htm and so on, has to be extended in the header of the page.
You need in the header of those pages this script:
if (window == top) {
  thisPage = window.location.href.split("/");
  top.location.href = "main.htm?left="+thisPage[thisPage.length-1];

And the main.html needs this extention:
var leftSrc = "page1.htm";
if ({
  page ="left=");
    leftSrc = page[1];
<frameset cols="20%,*" onLoad="window.left.location=leftSrc">
<frame name=left>
<frame name=right src="right.htm">

That's all.

Good luck,

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At , They have the perfect code:
Thanks for the points.
ballsharAuthor Commented:
As always - that worked!
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