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I have a client that would like a picture of her pottery that rotates on its axis.   Similar to the display  of cell phones on websites.  I would put in a link to a picture but Cingular makes you enter a zip code to view phone so it wouldn;t work.  If you click on a phone on the cingular website it shows the phone and if you move a slider bar under it it spins the phone.  I want to create this same effect but with the pottery.  But a constant loop 360deg.  How would I go about doing this.  My thoughts were to take pictures of the phone all the way around it and put them in fireworks as an animated gif.  However I fear it will be to jumpy.  I also thought of a video.  But these all seem like second best options.  

any ideas

I have Photoshop, Macromedia MX, could it be done with either of these or some other program(prefferably free, since this will be a one time thing)

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You are looking to make an "object movie"- for which you will need a type of panorama software.  As you guessed, it will requre you to take overlapping pictures of your object, and will then "stitch" them together into an interactive movie you can place on your website.  

http://www.panoguide.com/software/scores.html is a link to reviews of panorama/object movie software- some of which you might allready have or may be free.  If you're looking for a decent object movie tutorial site, you might want to try http://www.ncsu.edu/sciencejunction/route/usetech/panoramamac/ which uses quicktime VR authoring studio- one of the leading tools, tho all software of this type uses almost the identicla set of steps.  

Macromedia Director and Mediachance Multi Media Builder also have those abilities if you own those.
  I know that free or shareware software also exists, tho I do not know its quality- for example: http://www.free-downloads.net/programs/Modelweaver

Hope that helps-


I heard about a camera that goes on your finger then you sping the product on something like a lazy susan and it saves it all in the correct format.  Around $200.  Anybody heard of it?

zaf12- I'll look at those links tonight.
Here is a simple example done in flash:


If you were to use this method, I would suggest using more photos than used in the example. Also, use the png picture format, because flash complies that format better than jpg. For example, a png photo maybe larger in file size than the same photo in jpg format, but after flash compiles the swf, the png swf will be smaller than the jpg swf.

Also, you may find it better to ask this question in the flash TA found here:


And your roll over question for dreamweaver would probably generate more of a responce here:

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Charles I like that carebear.  Thats exactly what I need.  How many pictures is that?  
since I have flash I am going to try that.  I am far from an expert in flash.  Maybe I should reopen this in the flash area?
What about points.  Since I'm a VIP member I don't really care about them but I don't know the ettiquette.  Charles did give me what I was looking for.
There is a fla file with that link. You can download it and review it. There is a series of pictures (4 or 5) inside the symbol. Just double click the carebear and it will open the symbol.

That carebear is some what of an illusion, because the pictures switch so quickly, it appears to be rotating.

I think for your project, you may want to take as many pictures as possible, so when you're putting the flash together, you'll have the resources to get the look you want.

But, I do suggest you post this question in the Flash topic area, there may be a better option for you. Also, you'll want to get some assistance on how to create a loader for your swf. The loader will make sure all of the swf is loaded into the viewer's computer before the swf begins, which will be important for this project, otherwise the end result may not look professional.

In regards to points, you're welcome to accept any answer that you feel has helped you. If you feel there wasn't any helpful responces to your inquiry, then you can post a message (ask a question for 0 points) in community support requesting they delete the question.  

Community Support:  www.experts-exchange.com/Community_Support

Just be sure to post a link to the question you would like deleted and make a quick comment why you would like the question deleted.
I found a much better example for you to review (It makes the first example a little embarrasing).


Seems he/she used 19 images to create the effect and a loader wasn't needed because he/she created the effect as a movie clip, so the full movie clip needs to load first before it could play.

Pretty simple really.

So with a tripod and a ruler. You should be able to do this in a snap.


Thanks I'll check that out.  I posted a new question here:

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