Passing Information from one form to another

I have 2 forms

1. Marketing Form
2. ECR Form

Form 1 is the first form worked in
at a certain point there will be a action that states [create ECR]  

Both Forms share some of the same fields

ECR Number

When the create ECR button is pressed - I would like to populate the ECR NUmber and Requester Fields on form 2 with the info on form 1 - then in the back ground close form 1 and leave form 2 open.

Does this make sense?  If it is a hard task I will add points
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Enable ECR to inherit field values from selected document (Form Property).

Then use this action formula to create ECR and close the Marketing

On Marketing form create a computed for display field OpenECR

FIELD OpenECR := "True";

In the queryclose event use this formula or script

@If( OpenECR = "True"; @PostedCommand([Compose]; "ECRForm"); "");


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If it is script , then include this in queryclose

Dim ws as New NotesUIWorkspace
if Source.Document.OpenECR(0) = "True" then
 ws.ComposeDocument "", "", "ECRForm"
End if
JaziarAuthor Commented:
Enable ECR to inherit field values from selected document (Form Property).

Where do I specify what Fields I want - The properties button says Formula Inherit values from selected Documents and what happens if they bypass form 1 - it is possible
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The default value of the field says that .

If your form 1 has ECRNum and Form 2 has ECRNumber. Then in default value of ECRNumber as ECRNum will pull the data from form1.
JaziarAuthor Commented:
You Da Man - Let me give it a try - about time to leave for the day - I may have to get back in the morning
I would even both with all the events.

@PostedCommand([Compose]; "ECR Form");
@PostedCommand([OpenView]; @ViewTitle; ""; "1");
@PostedCOmmand([OpenDocumen]; ""; @Text(@DocumentUniqueID));
qwaletee u dont want my pts ? huh ?
Could care less.  Haven't looked at my points total in a while already.

Of course, for all this negging and whining and asking for points without any contribution, I think it is time we awarded you NEGATIVE points, don't you think?
JaziarAuthor Commented:
It Worked Thanks
JaziarAuthor Commented:
I swear you guys are like family, the way to tease each other.  Each and everyone of you are top notch in my book!!
Who's teasing?

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