Calling pointers to class methods

I'm trying to call a pointer to a class method with the compiler spitting out: "term does not evaluate to a function"

This is basically what I'm trying to implement:

class Thing;
typedef long(Thing::*FUNC)(int, void**);

class Thing {
   Thing() { /*code & other junk */ }
    long someMethod(int n, void **ppv) { /* code */}
    void doIt(void {
       FUNC f = someMethod;    //This is legal..... (I'm actually using an array of pointers in my code....)

        /* more code */

        f(nSomeInt, &vpSomePointer);  //craps out here..... "term does not evaluate to a function"



this snippet is quite lacking but it shows what i mean. This works fine with a regular static function. Why not with an instance method?

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You have to use

Thing* p = this;

p->f(nSomeInt, &vpSomePointer);  
chutney_manAuthor Commented:
That doesn't work ;-)
Try the following:
 (f)(nSomeInt, &vpSomePointer);
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Just checked the places where I used contructs like that:

(p->f)(nSomeInt, &vpSomePointer);
The following should work:

       ((*this).*f)(nSomeInt, &vpSomePointer);
Both of the following syntax will work.

(this->*f)(nSomeInt, &vpSomePointer);

((*this).*f)(nSomeInt, &vpSomePointer);

The main thing is that you need to use the * charactor before the "f" function variable, and you have to put brackets around the entire function pointer syntax.
>>(this->*f)(nSomeInt, &vpSomePointer);

Not with VC6 :o)
>>Not with VC6 :o)

Yes, with VC6.  I tested it with VC6 before I posted.
Even though I have VC 7.1, I still do most of my testing on VC6.0 since I see it as the lowest denominator.
Here's a full example you can compile on VC6.0:

class Thing;
typedef long(Thing::*FUNC1)(int, void**);

class Thing {
   long someMethod_non_static(int n, void **ppv) { return 3;}

    void doIt(void) {
      FUNC1 f_non_static = someMethod_non_static;
       ((*this).*f_non_static)(3, NULL);
       (this->*f_non_static)(3, NULL);


int main(int argc, char* argv[])
      Thing MyThing;

Just out of curiousity, do you use, or are you using

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chutney_manAuthor Commented:
ahh thanks guys. (this->*f) did it......  and yes it does work in VC6  :)

Cripes, I should have thought of that too :P
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