Need to create minimal calendars in R6

I notice that there doesn't seem to be a simple calendar template available in R6. It is embedded as part of the mail template. I would like something quite a bit smaller in size that is fully R6 compliant.

I need to creat 15 separate calendars, (has to be R6) for a availability tracking calendar that can be customized for particular groups in different parts of the country.
The group calendar function included in R6 doesn't make it for our purposes. We need to instantly see who's doing what on any particular day, without having to open a bunch of individual calendars.

I started with a blank DB and I have a main entry form created that will allow users to enter data as to the user name, group, date, purpose of the entry, etc.

My question is this:
Is it as simple as creating a calendar view in R6 and using that for my main display from my new form?

What about the tons of hidden fields/forms/views, etc. I can see in a typical mail/calendar template? Do I need any of that? I did try taking an R6 mail template and deleting everything that seemed like it wasn't needed but there are too many hidden hooks and errors abounded.

Thanks for any help.

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Then your best bet would be group scheduler.

Check this documentation on to create one in your db

jtpattenAuthor Commented:

Looked into that already as part of the group calendar function included in R6 calendar.

It doesn't work for us because it only shows you who's available or not available, not what they are doing. You have to click on the entry and open the users personal calendar to see why they are not available.

This just isn't practical for a group with 40+ members.

I am afraid that you can successfully implement it so easily from scratch. Let me give you some sample db and see if you can improve upon that

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jtpattenAuthor Commented:
Yeah I had already found that at the sandbox last week and have been looking at it, but it just doesn't seem to do what I want, I'll keep looking.
Hi jtpatten,

Take the mail template, and reduce it!

You can eliminate most of the image resources, and that will save posibly the bulk of the file size

Eliminate the mail forms and views.  Change default frameset from MailFS to CalendarFS, and change the Calendar Switcher -- make it blank.

Please note: In 6.5, there is a "shared design element" concept that allows the "template" file to be used directly for the inherited design elements. When you do it that way, creating the new file reqires almost no space on the server for the design, and the client loads the shared elements from the cache that it uses for the mail file anyway.

Best regards,
You might have most of the work already done.  You need a calendar view to display the information you have collected with your main entry form.

The view "style" should be "calendar".  This is set on the first tab of the view properties box.

The first column should be hidden.  It must contain at the very least the date field from your entry form.  It can be as simple as "12/31/2003" or as complex as "12/31/2003 01:00:00 PM-12/31/2003 03:00:00 PM"

The second column should not be hidden.  The column property should be set to "display values as icons".  You can put a formula here to display icons depending on the values in your documents.  <this column is optional>

The third column should be the text you want displayed in the calendar.  So it should be a formula based on the field values in your document.

Give this a try and let us know how it works.

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oh, the first column MUST be sorted; Ascending
jtpattenAuthor Commented:

I'm going to try this method again. Last time I must have deleted something I shouldn't have cause it bombed. but I do have one question,

What did you mean by  "and change the Calendar Switcher -- make it blank."
The calendar opens in a frameset, more or less the saem as tehmail framset.  The freamset has four areas:

1      222
3      222
3      222
3      222
4      222

Frame 1 is just a logo.  That can stay.  Frame 2 takes upmost of the screen, and is the view display (calendar).  You DEFINITELY want this to stay.

Frame 3 has several parts.  It has a one-month calendar, used to quickly switch the position in teh calendar view.  You probably don't want to change this.

Frame 4, on the lower left, has three buttons, to switch among the different parts of the database: Mail, Calendaring, To do list.  You probably don't want the user switching away frm calendar, so you will want to eliminate the first and third buttons (Mail/Todo), so teh user stays in the calendar.
Oops, left out a sentence
> Frame 2 takes upmost of the screen, and is the view display (calendar).  You
> DEFINITELY want this to stay.

Frame 2 takes upmost of the screen, and is the view display (calendar).  You DEFINITELY want this to stay.  It also contains a list of calendar views.  If you want the view list to go away, change the Calendar Picker page.

(OK, two sentences.)
jtpattenAuthor Commented:
Lost again,

Why would you change the NotesCalendar Picker page and what would you change about it?
Seems like that is something I would want on the calendar page?
Did I confuse Calendar Picker and Calendar Switcher?

The Picker, I think, is the page that contains the date selection (shows a clickable, compact, one-month calendar) plus a view list.

The Switcher, I think, is the one that switches among mail/calendar/to-do.

Obviously, you don't want the user to switch to mail/to-do, because you are removing those components.  They would just get errors.

And, while you certainly don't want to take outthe compact date picker, you may or may not want to have a view list beneath it.

ANyway, don't really worry about the picker and switcher until you have done th other stuff!
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