Dual Function Screensaver Lock/Logoff

We are trying to find a solution that will LOCK a Windows 2000 workstation after 5 mins idle time, AND also LOG-OFF the user after 8 hours of inactivity on a NT domain. We know of screensaver programs which will log-off or lock a user after a specified time, however how can we have two different mandatory actions (lock after 5min, logoff after 8 hrs)? Anyone have any suggestions?
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Check 4 and 14 in this link


14 maynot work for windows 2k .You can put these in batch file

stephensdAuthor Commented:
The site at http://www.robvanderwoude.com/index.html does not have a 4 or 14. Which link on this site should I be looking at?
go to batch files (under scripting) in the link in the above comment

Scroll down and click RUNDLL

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Use the screen saver of your choice to lock the station after 5 minutes.
Get PsShutdown from http://www.sysinternals.com/ntw2k/freeware/psshutdown.shtml
Create a domain administrator account named "SrvTaskScheduler", with a complex password.
Create a new task on the machine to run when the computer has been idle for 480 minutes; use the SrvTaskScheduler account to run this task, let it execute "PsShutdown.exe -o -f".
stephensdAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your input. Since I am new at this, can you suggest how we could "Create a new task on the machine to run when the computer has been idle for 480 minutes". Thanks
Go to Control Panel--Scheduled Tasks, follow the wizard. When it asks when to start the task, pick "daily" (or whatever; for some reason "Idle" is not in the list at that time). Then tick the box "Open advanced options when finishing the task" (or similar) and change the running time to "Idle". Don't forget to untick the box "Delete task after 72 hours" in the "Settings" tab.

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