Useful code to identify weekend dates in a file

I want to find a block of code or some sort of plug-in to assist me with pulling out all records that contain a weekend date in the dateField column.
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malharoneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
in ms sql server, use DATENAME(dw,YOUR_DATE_FIELD) e.g. SELECT DATENAME(dr, getdate())  
  -- this function in your sql statement returns the day of the week (Sunday, Monday, and so on). so you can set a where condition to exclude/include rows.

in msaccess
SELECT Table1.dt
FROM Table1
WHERE (((Format([dt],"dddd"))="sunday")) OR (((Format([dt],"dddd"))="saturday"));
what's the db vendor? access/sql server? or are you doing this programmatically. .. if so, then what's langauge?
peacockclAuthor Commented:
I'm using ACL, much like access/sql server but not quite as powerful or easy to use.  I was wondering if there was anything out there that I could adapt to work with my program.
i'm not familiar with ACL. if it is db system, then i'm sure they provide date/time calculation functionality.
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