POP3 10061 error

System: Exchange Server 5.5 SP2 on Windows NT 4 SP6a, routing restrictions set so that authentication is required

Our Exchange Server is refusing POP connections on 110 with this error:

'the connection to the server has failed account (name), server.'(name) protocol pop3, port 110 secure (SSL) No, socket error. 10061 error number 0x800cc0e

It does this with connections remotely via the network and when testing using Outlook Express on the actual machine. We have tried running ISINTEG on the priv.edb and pub.edb files and MTACHECK. The utilities reported no error. We then tried wiping the priv.edb file (cutting our losses) and rebooting. It starts OK and creates a new priv.edb file but the same POP error occurs.

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leemingdAuthor Commented:
We have followed this advice. We need to basically start a clean sheet. How can I wipe the databases without losing the mailbox configuration? We will accept that messages will be lost.
Is the machine also a firewall or Proxy?

Why would you nuke your databases because of a connectivity problem?   They are completely unrelated.  

It is kinda like changing your tires because the car does not start.

Fix the connectivity problems.   Dont pick on your data.  :(
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If you have a firewall on the local box, disable (stop service) and try accessing the POP account with outlook express.
Good article from jasonBigham, that one solves alot of relying problems.
What type of authentication do you have selected in in you POP3 protocol? If you have Challenge response selected you will need the clients to send the Domain name as well. This is one cause of this error. In Outlook express, you need to chack both authenticate boxes in the server tab. Let us know.
leemingdAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys but it is not connectivity. Same result with Outlook express on the local machine. We think the private info store has been corrupted by a d.o.s. attack - we have 19,000 emails in the administrator account all large file size. The thing is choked and we cannot waste time and just need to get it back online, we can live with loss of data.
Exmerge them out then... then you only loose the proper data.
Using EXMERGE To Delete Messages From Your Exchange Server


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leemingdAuthor Commented:
We just want a quck reference on how to delete the priv.edb database and restart the server. In short, we delete the file plus some log files (which ones, where?) then what do we do, exactly what are the steps please. I am assisting someone lesser skilled to do this remotely by email so i need the exact steps. We are doing this on the local machine, there is only one server configured and the directories are shared between c and d partitions with the main large database files on the d drive and c drive is the bootable one.

If it still won't start we do the same with pub.edb - please give the precise steps.

Then same for dir.edb but hopefull we won't need that.

the best answer gets the 500 points. Cheers!
Please can you help:
My problem is re windows XP home, sp1, using IE6 with local ISP here in NZ
When the  modem  (dialup), and the ISP connects  the status is positive.
However, the browser  IEv6 opens, but no window when trying to connect to any Web site.
The message given is "server not found".
But if I ping the ISP servers IP address I get a "reply".
I thought it might be the IE v6 that is currently being used, so I loaded an alternative, but the same status was reported.
The Win XP firewall has been disabled, and AVG is the current VS, with the last definition update 12 days ago, before this problem just started when trying to open Outlook express.
 Norton VS is still on the PC but is not longer being used as the subscription was not updated, and finished in August 2004. I was going to remove it completely, but as the browser and OE had worked for almost 2 months with the Nortons VS not working, I have assumed it was not the problem. Is it possible that the firewall is turned on still in the Norton VS?
Hope you can help.
Many thanks
Jeff Brown
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