Adding a style to an area tag, e.g. change the colour on hover

Is it possible to add a style to an area tag so that when I hover over each section, the colour changes or a border is displayed?
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You can add :hover to each item in css.
simply add an extra item to it.

If I wanted to invert the color of a link when I hovered over it for instance, I can do:

a {
    color: #FFFFF;
    background-color: #000000;
a:hover {
    color: #000000;
    background-color: #FFFFFF;

You can do that with every property available for every item on your page.
I don't think that does work,  only for the <a> tag.

To get the desired effect you will need to put an onMouseOver and onMouseOut event on the tag and then call a js function from these events to change the properties.

<style type="text/css">
#tag {
<script type="text/javascript">
function mouseOVER() {
  document.getElementById("tag").style.color = "red";
function mouseOUT() {
  document.getElementById("tag").style.color = "blue";
<span id="tag" onMouseoVER="mouseOVER();" onMouseOut="mouseOUT();">Some text</span>

>> I don't think that does work,  only for the <a> tag.

I've done it, and according to the css specs, browsers should do that. (not only for a a-tag.)
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It works in advanced browsers such as mozilla. However, IE does not fully support the standards. indeed, it will not apply "hover" to anyhting but links. (not even just <a>.. it has to have an href)

If you must have this effect in IE, use javascript to change styles:

   .objectNorm{background-color: red}
  . objectHover{bakcground-color: blue}
   function hover(this){
      this.className = "objectHover";
   function unhover(this){
      this.className = "objectNorm";


<div class="objectNorm" onmouseover="hover(this)" onmouseout="unhover(this)">div content</div>
LadousseAuthor Commented:
I apologise for not wording my question clearing (it's my first time using this site).
I want to change the style of an <area> tag in an image map. I have several highlighted areas on an image and at the moment you can't see the difference when you move the mouse from one zone to another. Ideally, I would like to change the border colour of each <area>.

Many thanks in advance,

this article gives a couple explanations (and code) of how to do this using multiple images. my previous solution might work as well, just change the style section to

   .objectNorm{border: none;}
   .objectHover{border: 2px solid #f00;}

and put the javascript calls on the area.
LadousseAuthor Commented:
It still doesn't work, but the real problem is that I don't think that it is even possible de change the style of an <area> tag. Even when I add the style {border: 2px solid #f00;} directly to the tag, it isn't displayed.
Thanks anyway for your help.
hmm. I am not familiar with the area tag... from the name, it sounds like a div. maybe you should try replacing the area with a div.
He's trying to show the distinct areas for a image map using colored borders. I don't think its possible.
I'm pretty sure its not possible, sorry
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