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I am a german student writing his thesis on distributed databases. The actual DB is an Oracle 9i Enterprise Edition Release 2.

I have one table, that should be maintained on all sites. It would need updating "on commit", regardless if a new record is inserted, updated or deleted. Each site should get its own trigger, so that updates/inserts/deletes are possible on every site, with immediate replication on the other sites. However, mutations on this particular table are rather seldom, that's why I chose "triggers" over "advanced replication". I am looking for a more robust, potentially asynchronous solution.

Anything could help me ;-)

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well, in this case you need to set up database links to the other databases and then write a trigger that will fire on insert,update,delete to do the same DML on other nodes.
Then you repeat this for all other sites. What else do you need to know?
Lars_BiederstedtAuthor Commented:

but I tried triggers first, but got really confused.
i discovered Oracle Streams and it seems to be a better solution.

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