I have made a ordeing form in flash, but i want the clients to see (after the submit) what they've entered.
Either in a mail to their email adress, or some kind of popup page or something, i don't know..
Can somebody help me?
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Check this tutorial (it has 3 pages) It describes all the steps in detail.

Hope this helps,

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Well Sassiewas,

First you need to pass the data from flash to asp. as any form, entries can be passed by POST/GET method.

1- create your form in flash
2- let's say you have 3 fields: (name, emails, comment)
3- here's the code for flash:(sample)
//starts here
//this is the send/submit button code
    Load Variables ("sampleform.asp", "", vars=GET)
     Set Variable: "submit" = True
     Set Variable: "y" = 0
//the reset button code
     Set Variable: "name" = "" 
     Set Variable: "email" = "" 
     Set Variable: "comment" = "" 
// ends here

in your ASP file. //.asp file must have the name "sampleform.asp"

Dim strName, strEmail, strComment, MailObj, MailBody


'//create mail object to send emails
'//here is an example

set MailObj = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")
MailObj.To = strEmail
MailObj.From = ""
MailObj.Subject = "confirm registration"

'// create the email body
'//the body will be in HTML format
MailBody = "Hello " & strName & "," 'output ===> Hello person,
MailBody = MailBody & "<br><br>"
MailBody = MailBody & "This email has been sent to you based on the mail addressed you gave us."
MailBody = MailBody & "your comment is: " & strComment
MailBody = MailBody & "<br><br><br>"
MailBody = MailBody & "we will contact you as soon as possible, thank you."
MailObj.body = MailBody
set MailObj = Nothing

Good Luck ;-)
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