sorting out arrays that came from string.......

function getDirList($base)
        $dh = opendir($base);
        $i = 0;
        while (false !== ($dir = readdir($dh))) {
            if (is_dir($base . $dir) && $dir !== '.' && $dir !== '..'  && $dir!== '_vti_cnf') {
                $subs = $dir    ;
                $subbase = $base . $dir . '/';
//or $start = 0;
                $exp = array();
                $exp = explode(' ',$subs);
//or for ($i = 0; $i<count ($subs); $i++){
//$output[$i] = $temp_output = substr($subs, $start);
                foreach($exp as $key => $val){
//or while (list($key,$val) = each($exp)) {
                $val1 = $val;
                $val = explode(":",$val);
                if (preg_match("/GALLERY_/", $val1)){
                 print'<a href=' . $subbase . '>' . $exp[0] . "<br></a>";}
                else {
                print '</div></span><br><SPAN class="main" onMouseOver="abc(this)" onMouseOut="def(this)">'
. $exp[0] . '<div class="sub" style="display: none;"><br>';}
                } else {next;}
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ramonklownAuthor Commented:
That code up there makes a list of arrays from directory names and it works just fine, now i want to know how to order the arrays by alfabetical order... and how can i order out the subdirectories within them to match... well the first part is the most important I can break my head on the second part
Giovanni GCTOCommented:

i don't understand this:
                $exp = explode(' ',$subs);

what's the purpopse of this? it's clueless..

anyway to order your directories first fetch all files inside it and then call sort() on the resulting array.

something like (concept code)
 while (false !== ($dir = readdir($dh)))
    $dir_list[] = $dir;
  foreach ($dir_list as $dir) { of the code should be identical.

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ramonklownAuthor Commented:
the explode is to make the directory names into arrays...

the dir is not an array, it is a a string with all the directory names....

So the function is tranforming the string into arrays and now i want to organize the arrays but it seems like there is a block to only being able to organize the first array but thanks for the comment it's making me think a little differently about the code...:)
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Giovanni GCTOCommented:

note that the explode() call is wrong, because readdir() returns one directory per call..that's why it's inside a while() loop!
your code works only because you probably don't have directory names containing spaces, otherwise it would fail..
ramonklownAuthor Commented:
that is the point :) no directory name with spaces other wise it would blow up the hole system....and yes it is wrong but till now I haven't found any functions that do tha conversion automatically..... it would be nice dough....

so i'm beginning to think that is impossible unless I get out of this while crap.... I'm testing some new stuff let's wait and see how far php can go...... :)
ramonklownAuthor Commented:
what I did was:

Figured out that it was exploding and creating a different array.. so i used array_merge do get them all into one array $exp1 and used asort and reset to organize it out nicely and now I have a nice old sorted array....
Giovanni GCTOCommented:
"old sorted"? what do you mean?

you are talking about "converting", converting what? still refering to your original code, you can remove the explode(), the reset() and the asort() because they are all useless, and the foreach loop as well, and moving the code inside it in the upper level.
ramonklownAuthor Commented:
Sorry to waste your time man... I already solved the problem.... The thing is that this code up there was doomed to death so I got this code from Devshed and changed it a bit and did just what I wanted.....

I needed asort to sort out the arrays to list the folder in alfabetical order.

foreach....I can say that I love PHP because of this little word.... specially when talking about arrays...

So what do I do now? do I give points to myself? haha :) that is why I don't like this points **** is like a competition for points... not a knowledge trade
Giovanni GCTOCommented:

Well I think I helped you (or tried to), so you could assign them to my first reply.. or ask to PAQ/Delete this question.
If you don't like "this points s***" then you probably shouldn't use this forum.
ramonklownAuthor Commented:
You you did try to help me out and your first answer had the array that I used so I guess you get the points.....

And yeah you are right about not using this forum.... Dev Shed is competition for points.
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