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Report Engine API - Export to Report Definition in VB6

Posted on 2003-10-24
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2007-12-19
Environment: VB6 SP5, CR 8.5, Using CRWRAP.BAS and GLOBAL32.BAS
Procedure Objective:
To export a Crystal Report Report Definition to a TXT file for further processing (parsing, extraction of table/field names).
There are over 600 reports to be examined. The program opens the appropriate folder, collects the names of all RPTs, exports each to a TXT file in the same (or different) directory.

Code Snippet (EXPORT):

Handle = PEOpenEngine
If Handle = 0 Then
    lbl = "Error opening RPT file"
    lbl = "Crystal Print Engine Successfully Open"
End If
job = PEOpenPrintJob(FullName)
exportdll = "u2frdef.dll"
exportformat = 0 'crUXFReportDefinitionType
result = crPEExportToDisk(job, inpDest & FName & ".txt" + Chr(0), "u2frdef.dll" + Chr(0), exportformat, 0, 0, "", "")
If PEStartPrintJob(job, True) = 0 Then
    lbl = "Error starting print job"
    MsgBox "crPEExportToDisk Failed: " & Str$(PEGetErrorCode(job))
    lbl = FullName & " exported"
End If
PEClosePrintJob (job)

The proc runs fine returning no errors until PEStartPrintJob(job, True). A Parameter Input window is displayed and, on clearing the window, the proc terminates in an errotr 500. Since the export is of a Report efinition, I cannot understand WHY the DLL requires an ODBC call to the database (no data is being exported) or, if it is imperative an ODBC call be made, how to make it. There is NO example in rystal or on the Web which shows how to handle the crPEExportToDisk function when the type of export is Report Definition.

In order for this program to function correctly, it must access, open, export the Report Definition, closwe, then retrieve another RPT until the file list for the folder is exhausted.

After three days of head-banging, I've come to the conclusion that I cannot export a Report Def without an ODBC call being made, but I have zero idea as to how to make it within this code structure.

Suggestions are gratefully accepted!!
Question by:earljgray
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Expert Comment

ID: 9615405
I don't use ODBC but do you have the code to open the report for viewing that includes the ODBC setup?  I suspect it is the same code.

The reference I have doesn't use any code to setup the database connection.  Can you view the report on your machine?  Does your machine have the appropriate ODBC connections?  If not can you create them?



Author Comment

ID: 9616080
>I don't use ODBC but do you have the code to open the report for viewing >that includes the ODBC setup?  I suspect it is the same code.

>The reference I have doesn't use any code to setup the database >connection.  Can you view the report on your machine?  Does your machine >have the appropriate ODBC connections?  If not can you create them?

There is an ODBC connector on the machine - and I can view the report through CReports. I've not written any code (in this program) to view a report since there's no necessity to do so. My only intention is to export the Report Definition...

When I open Crystal Reports itself, I can FILE | OPEN the reprt, click on the Export Icon (in the icon toolbar) and immediately receive the Export Options window. If I select REPORT DEFINITION from the first dropdown, and SISK FILE from the second, the export takes place in a blink of an eye - the Crystal report is still in design mode (on the screen) and no logon dialogue window opens requiring me to 'connect' prior to the export. All of this makes sense to me, since I'm not asking Crystal to 'preview' the report - which would require a hit on the DB  - I'm simply asking it to extract its own report definition and send it out to a text file. That's why this confuses me -:(

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Expert Comment

ID: 9618548
I think the problem is that when the driver opens the report it doesn't yet know what you are trying to do while in the designer the connection is probably already open.  

Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.


Author Comment

ID: 9635425
In the designer, the report opens (FILE | OPEN), but the ODBC Login Window does not appear until you click the  REFRESH icon. Up to that point, as long as you're in the Design tab, you can export to report definition without 'attaching' to a db...

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Expert Comment

ID: 9638889

There is the key.  The design tab doesn't have the database open until you refresh the data.  

When you open the report from an application it assumes you want to display it therefore it tries to connect to the database.

Are you doing this on a machine with CR Developer edition loaded?  If so you may be able to do this using the CRAXDDRT library which would alow you to design reports from your application.  I haven't used it since it requires extra licenses for each client machine but in your case it just might do what you want.


Author Comment

ID: 9641379
>Are you doing this on a machine with CR Developer edition loaded?  

No - this is a CR Professional setup. Given that the PE call crPEExportToDisk includes the exportdll  "u2frdef.dll", I imagine the engine assumes the report -won't- be opened and populated by the database - but will result in a .TXT file being produced.

All the reports I'm interested uin working with are located on the Seafate InfoServer and are already designed and used in current production. If the crPEExportToDisk doesn't 'care' about the particular export dll being used, then I'm stuck - any given report may have a UID and PWD different from another - which would make it impossible to export programmatically unless I knew every UID/PWD for every one of these reports...
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Accepted Solution

mlmcc earned 2000 total points
ID: 9647152
CR Professional doesn't have the horsepower necessary to be run from an application.  I am not sure what is missing but some dlls are missing or disabled.

Starting with CR8 you need to have at least the Developer edition to call reports from an application.


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