WINDOWS 2000 SP4 and now my machine is slow

I installed Win 2000 pro on a HP Compaq D530 , P4 2.66 with 512 ram

I used the Win2000 CD with Service Pack4 already on it.
its a new and fresh installation.

When i boot , if i go to start setting printer ( my printer go Opening for 10 sec then i have control)
If i delete a shortcut on my desktop (again 10 sec of waiting time)

If i Boot the machine , start MS-Word 2000 , type a sentence and go [CTRL] [P] to print (Again 10 sec of waiting)

is there a work around

thank you and if you are experimenting the same problem please share.

Pierre Louis
Network Admin

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Update your video card drivers.  I had this issue with an ATI card; the machine (1.7ghz) was unusable until I installed newer video drivers.
p_l_cAuthor Commented:

When i re-installed the Windows 2000 i also downloaded & insatlled the Video , Chipset , Network , and insight agent from HP , latest version.
Has it been slow the entire time, or only after installing software and drivers?
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p_l_cAuthor Commented:
I only realised the slow system once the upgrade were done.

I did Win2000 with SP4 , then the chipset , then Video , Keyboard and etc...
Then i installed the printers and the problem occurs.

Using the Windows System Configuration Utility

Click on start->run->then type in "msconfig" without ""
Click on the startup tab,
there you'll have a listing of all programs that startup when your computer starts up.
Simply uncheck the one you dont want to startup when you computer start up

*Windows 2000 dont have msconfig
Download the  files here


>>backup ur registry first before u try this,in case ur registry corrupt unexpectally u can restore it back


Find the following branch:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Microsoft>Windows>Current Version>Run

Don't delete anything you are not sure about though or you could end up with probems.

Also look in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>Sofare>Microsoft>Windows>Current Version>Run
but note that these settings affect all users of the computer, not just the one currently signed in.


also try to run a RAM memory test or

>>Then i installed the printers and the problem occurs.
the printer compatible with ur system?
is that the latest driver?
Try the printer in other pc and see if same thing happen...

p_l_cAuthor Commented:

I re-installed my HP4000 driver (download the latest version from HP) , same 10sec problem.
I'm not so sure this is a printing issue.  Stop the print spooler service; see if the performance of the machine picks up.  Also check the processor usage; see if anything there is using inordinate amounts of CPU time.
p_l_cAuthor Commented:
It is not a printer issue , more an OS issue since i re-installed my computer in Win2000 SP4
i had the same computer with SP2 and did not have that problem
when i installed SP4 from that system the problem occured, then decided to format and install with SP4 without upgrading (I use an original CD from microsoft) with sp4 already on it.

my problem started since SP4.  my other problem is that now i pushed the SP4 on 75 of my internal network
computers and they all have the same problem, all my test subject did not pick up on that problem (nice of them).

We have different environement some attached to the domain some to the Novell servers Some to a workgroup
they all have the same issue (10sec when opening printer from boot).

hope it helps all of you understand my problem.
Hi, p_l_c,

Try temporary disable anti-virus program see if help.  (This may or may not answer your question.)

Have you try revert back to SP2 to see if your problem exist?

Hi, p_l_c,

Sorry about the question I mention on revert back to SP2.  Please discard this sentence.


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