need source for Gateway DS 600X fan

I have a Gateway DS 600X laptop.  The unit locks up on me after 1 hrs of usage and will continue to lockup on reboot.  I have to let it sit for a couple of hours to really cool down before I can use it again.

The processor may be hardwired and impossible to change out without replacing the motherboard but I'd like to replace th fan first.  I am unable to find any place that sells this part.  
The warranty is expired and Gateway will not allow me to purchase an extended warranty or the part.

Any suggestions? I don't want to trash it as I still owe money on it.
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1) I've NEVER seen a PC with a hardwired CPU.  It's simply not done.  So you most certainly can change the CPU if needed.

2) The problem does sound like the fan but you should be able to change it out.  You MAY be better off getting a new FAN/HEATSINK assembly rather than just a fan.  It just depends on what you have.
AWPAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry I meant it's possibly hardwired to the motherboard.  

Do you know where I can get the Fan/Heatsink assembly for that machine?  That I think will solve my problem.

Certainly you can get one from GateWay but that would be a last resort since I'm sure they charge WAY too much.

Are you able to open the unit and find the heatsink?  Repairing a laptop is NOT for the inexperienced.  If this laptop is still of much value you may want to have a Gateway service center look at it.
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AWPAuthor Commented:
Gateway will NOT allow me to purchase it from them because it's out of warranty.  They will fix it for me for $300.  I can get to the heatsink.  It's not hard.  I've done alot of pc support, not alot of laptop support so I'm being very careful.  

I just need a place to purchase it from.
Are you sure the heatsink, fan, or air-inlets aren't just clogged with dust?

Generally, if it's the fan itself, you should be able to locate a suitable replacement from a local PC shop but you'll need to know its exact size.  Space within a laptop is very tight.
Get to know your chipset and processor. You should be able to find out matching heatsink and cpu fan easily from here:
AWPAuthor Commented:
not completely sure but the air-inlets are not clogged with dust or anything else.  i've pulled it apart and it looks pretty clean.
AWPAuthor Commented:
Jonybrv, how can I figure out how to match my gateway hardware to the stuff on this site?
Heatsink doesn't go bad.  It just a piece of high heat dissipitation metal.  The problem may be the heat transfer gel under the sink had dried out.  Gateway may have glued to heatsink to the cpu anyway.  There shouldn't be a fan on the CPU itself.   CPU airflow is controlled through the fan on the case.  

It may be other components such as the RAM itself.  If you think its the cpu then try the following, it may sound crazy but believe me it would determine if heat is your problem.

Plug the laptop to a long extension cord and power it up. leave it open and put it in your refridgerator and close the door (yeah, you have to take the beers out for the laptop to fit in the refridgerator ;>) and it will cost you a couple of bucks run the fridge - oh, make sure your spouse and kids know what you are doing so they don't think you have flipped).  Let it run for a couple of hours to see if it locks up.  If it doesn't then heat is your problem.  If it locks up don't look to replace anything that is heat related.

Do that to lots of laptop that came in for me to look at..... after I told the customer what I did - it stopped them dead in their tracks about heat being a problem.

Oops, close that fridge door.......
Very easy, AWP. The stuff on the website usually are for specific type of socket or slot processor. Once you get to know your motherboard type, you will find a matching fan. You can confirm this by calling their sales number too.
Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
If you had taken the time to read the question at all, you'd see that AWP has a laptop, so I don't think he's going to slap a Thermaltake Volcano 9 heatsink/fan assemby on there!

AWP: What are the dimensions of the current fan?  Will Gateway even give you the part # for it?  Does it seem to be blowing hot air out??


Last time I had to replace a fan in a laptop, I took the laptop apart and looked for the manufacturer part number on the fan, then I did a search for that number in google, or looked on the manufacturers website for a fan with similar specs. But I'm afraid you are going to have to tear the laptop down to look for it. After you find it and get your new one in, and it is truely soldered to the mainboard, I'd clip the wires near the fan then strip and solder the wires from the motherboard, to the new fan wires and tape them up nicely with electrical tape or use heatshrink on em.. Either way, it should work fine.
Try the refridgerator test to see if CPU heat is a problem.  Memory heat can also cause the lock up as well as other components on the MB and possibly a cold spot.  Airflow to dissipate test on a laptop can also be performed using a fish-pump taped to the opening.

You are probably right about the CPU being soldered on.  They do, do that to laptops.  I am not sure about the fan being there.  They avoid that if at all possible.  It's usually a thin heat sink glued to the cpu all is needed for well-engineered laptop.

I didn't see in your post where you actually found the fan.  Let's know if the fan is there first.
If you find the fan, powerup the laptop to see if the fan is spinning.  Also, try to airblow the dirst from the fan to see if it will spin up again.

AWPAuthor Commented:
P/N 8006021 or 8008021 (it's hard to read).
AWPAuthor Commented:
i found a source on the internet.  problem is solved.
AWPAuthor Commented:
I apologize for the delay in getting the link to you.  Laptop Systems is where I got the part:

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