HOWTO Reroute incoming traffic to port 22 of a Linux box in a Windows network

Howto configure rerouting incoming outbound traffic to a Linux box on the LAN using port 22 of that Linux box ?
The network architecture is as follows :
   ADSL router => Windows2000 DMZ (server) => switch : LAN

Somebody needs to connect to a Linux box socket : 22.  The router has a LAN address  The DMZ LAN interface has an IP address =   Its internal LAN interface uses
The target machine =
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Just tell the router to forward any port 22 traffic to ip what kind of router is it?
pascalvercammenAuthor Commented:
Well that is a problem because we do not have tools to configure the Cisco router, it is owned by a Belgian Telecom company and password protected.  Is there no configuration possible on the Windows 2000 server ?
You are using rras on the 2k machine? If so check this link out

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pascalvercammenAuthor Commented:
Great article but how can I test the rerouting to be sure that traffic arrives at port 22 ?
Try telnetting from outside the router.
pascalvercammenAuthor Commented:
Telnet uses port 23 and this is not open at the Router.  How can I simply test the NAT/port mapping : is mapped internally to on the public interface (
Note that the network architecture is as follows :
The router has a LAN address  The DMZ public interface has an IP address =   Its internal LAN interface uses
You can specify a port after the telnet command, ie :

If you wanted to test that a web browser service is up :

At a command promt (start, run, type : CMD, ENTER) :

telnet 8080

So if your port 8080 is forwarded properly, it should answer. Note that is you have fix-up protocol enable on your cisco, it might show up weird things, or *** ***, thats normal.
telnet can use whatever port you specify it to use
in this case you could telnet 22 would telnet to port 22 of this ip address Is this person going to access the linux box from inside the lan or from outside?
pascalvercammenAuthor Commented:
From outside the LAN, (WAN)
pascalvercammenAuthor Commented:
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