Getting Delivery Status Notification (Delay) on one domain only

Getting Delivery Status Notification (Delay) on one domain only

I have checked nslookup and can find MX record.

Recipient seems to be receiving mail from other domains

can ping other mail server.

can Tracert to other mail server.

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Can you post a copy of the DSN?  It is sure to provide information about the problem.  How about the domain?  If you give me the domain I'll tell you exactly what's wrong.  No MX record is bad, but should be OK if there is an A record; At least in most cases.

Check my profile for my Email address if you want to keep the details (domain, etc) private.

Be sure to keep posting question related info here though.

ml_humphreyAuthor Commented:
cleared the message in retry status out of the queue and all of the others cleared out.  This is no longer urgent, but just what happened?
You had one domain you couldnt deliver to right?  You said they were bouncing, but nothing about a queue?  If you can give more detail about what specifically was wrong, we can probably tell you what happened.

I can't imagine a message in a queue causing a bounce to one domain.  A corrupt message could certainly cause message deferral, but not an NDR to one domain.

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ml_humphreyAuthor Commented:
Not Bouncing....Delayed.  One message at the front of the queue got stuck in retry status.  I cleared that message, and all of the others were sent out within a couple of minutes.
It was likely a corrupt message.  I see what you are saying.  Your DSN says your message delivery was delayed.  That's why it's always good to post the DSN.  :)

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I have a question.  I am on the other end of this same type of problem..  We have an exchange 2k server and one of our clients is getting a DSN stating that delivery is delayed.  Two weeks ago they were sending to us fine, so it's pretty much out of the blue.  They aren't having problems with any other domains.  Thanks!
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