Need public interface open after establishing tunnel

Here is my senerio. I have a website that I host for a customer. They have the Oracle portion hosted in NY. The current setup is, our server has a Microsoft VPN connection to their network to connect to the Oracle server. When I hit the web page from the outside with the tunnel down it obviously fails because Oracle is unavailable. And ovbiously if I connect the tunnel I can't reach the webserver from the outside because all traffic goes to their private network. So I need to have the outside interface opened up to respond to the webserver on my box as well as the tunnel up for the server to communicate with the Oracle server. And NO, hosting the Oracle server here is not an option, I asked. I know this sounds kind of unorodox but I am open to suggestions. Can someone please tell me how this can be done.?
125 points to the person with the solution (It's all I got). Thanks in advance.

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You need to enable split tunneling, at least I think that is what you are trying to do. It will allow you to route traffic not meant for the oracle ip subnet outside of the tunnel.
pakitlossAuthor Commented:
Yes but will it route inbound traffic from the internet to the webserver and how do you enable split tunneling?
I guess I am confused, the webserver is connected via a vpn to the corporate network. You are routing traffic into the webserver from the internet. Is the webserver multihomed?
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pakitlossAuthor Commented:
Yes, Here is the configuration
Internet----->>Web Server<<<<<VPN>>>>>Oracle server. I need to be able to allow the server to post back to the Oracle server in order to work. I am sorry if I am sounding confusing. It has been a long day.

You should be fine, the vpn tunnel should be on the second network interface with the oracle webserver. The other interface is handling inbound from the internet. The only problem I see would be one of security, if they compromised your webserver they have an encrypted pipe to the oracle server.

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pakitlossAuthor Commented:

After I realized what you mean I had it it working in an hour. Thanks. This was only a temporary thing to demo the site for the customer so from a security standpoint the tunnel was only up long enough to demo it.

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