No MX records anywhere? (BIND/FreeBSD)

>dig @localhost mx

returns no mx records, while

>dig mx

returns mx records. Something is wrong with named or my configuration, anyone know what the problem might be?

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The zone is just f***ed up.

See also my thread in http:Q_20771721.html
oskiiAuthor Commented:
The problem is that i can use my DNS to resolve other adresses, however i can not get any MX records for any domain name at all.
oskiiAuthor Commented:
The problem is not limited only to mx records as i first posted, dig will only return query and authority sections for all querys ive tried so far when using @localhost as DNS server.
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Could it be your firewall, try running dmesg to see if you are blocking port 53 either tcp or udp as
in some cases dns uses tcp as well as udp.
Or more likely you are missing the file for the root of the dns system

do a dig with no parameters to get the root fileservers.

Then you also have to config it in your configuration.

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oskiiAuthor Commented:
There is no firewall present, and dig without parameters returns rootserevers, however it is not quering localhost, it asks the network dns server. dig @localhost returns no answer section, however they are all listed under the authority section. Missing the root of the dns system seems to be the most probable error, but i dont se whats wrong.
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