Lotus Notes Internet Explorer Plug-in Problem

We are using Lotus Notes 5 templates, with IE 5.5, the users have the option of either accessing notes thru their client, or thru the webmail interface. A user clicked NO to the IBM Plugin update the first time they tried to access their Notes mail via IE. Now we can not find anyplace to force IE  to ask the question again. This causes the notes webmail tool bar to not show up.



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Try clearing cache, and clearning objects.

Also, to make sure that it isn't a different probem, try accesisng the server by IP address.  It will not recognize that this is the same server, so it should be like "starting from scratch."

If you still can't load the aplpets, then it has nothing to do with the earlier user NO answer (or at least, not only from that).
Is that one point for every day of the year?
Thats what I thought too !
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1.In Internet Explorer, select Tools, Internet Options...
2.On the General tab, go to the Temporary Internet Files section and click on Settings.
3.Here check automatically


Try appending the url with &rand='243432', so that it becomes a new URL...so that it might ask you for the prompt

aimshamanAuthor Commented:
I should have mentioned, troubleshooting steps already tried.

1. deleted all temp files and offline contents, including objects.
2. resetting all IE settings back to default.

as far as the points, i had 1365 points to offer. i felt 365 was a decent amount of points for this..

aimshamanAuthor Commented:
p_partha - good idea, but it didint work.

2nd question, is there a way i can just have the user install the "lotus domino applet" seperatley? since this is what the user rejected?


aimshamanAuthor Commented:
while not finding a direct answer, i did find a work around that was successfull on two machines here that we were testing on, and on the users machine.

1 machine was a w2k using ie 5.5
1 was a windows xp using ie 6.0

on both machines, a reload of the IE service pack for whatever reason seems to wipe out whatever decisions you have made in the past concerning embedded applets in IE, at least for this problem with lotus notes.

thanks for the help guys....
Good news!

Since you solved it yourself, use community support to request a point refund, but ask to havethis PAQed (since your answer is a good one)
Closed, 365 points refunded.
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