Toughest Mouse question you'll ever see!

I have a ECS K7VTA3 motherboard running WinXP Corp eddition with SP1 installed.  I initially had problems wiht my USB 2.0 (which I believed was the cause of my optical usb mouse problems) but since then my USB 2.0 hardware conflict has been resolved, however my mouse is as wild as ever.

I have tried two different USB mice and both act erraticaly when plugged in.  Boht mice have been tested on other comps and work well.  I then used a USB to PS2 conversion to hook up one of the mice in the PS2 port and it still acts erratically (it will move correctly for a second and then just jump all over the place).

I then tried a good old roller ball mouse and it seems to work fine???

I know the USB mouse(s) work fine, just retried them on another computer.....

I have updated to the newest BIOS and looked for drivers....I have no idea what to do!

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This may sound obvious but could it be the mousemat ?

Optical mice are affected by glossy surfaces, and will not work on glass correctly. Try changing the mousemat, or using a piece of mat card or paper just to rule out the mousemat.
Are these two USB mouse from the same manufacturer. What manufacturer  ?
rdiggidyAuthor Commented:
Two different manufacturers:

1 is wireless and is by: Micro Innovations
1 is no wireless and is by: Impression
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if your mouse is made for USB1, that could be a problem
rdiggidyAuthor Commented:

I thought USB 2.0 was support USB 1.1 also?  Anybody else think my problem could be my mouse is too old??  

But that doesn't explain why the mouse wouldn't work in the PS2 when an old roller mouse does work (I'm using it right now)

Any further info is appreciated
there is a USB win XP update available that may correct this issue
click here
Sorry the update is here
Was there any software or drivers that came with the mouse/mice?
Have you installed them?
rdiggidyAuthor Commented:
Guess the above wasn't obvious enough for me.  Nice job snerkel!!!

Didn't put together the glossy desk and random movements...but as I think of it I think...DUH!!

Thanks everybody for your time!!
Of course!
That's exactly what happened to my mouse!
Why didn't I think of it??!?! Do'h
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